It’s been an unusually busy week for us this week. Our first child was born and to the surprise of no parents out there I can confirm we’ve learned a few things the hard way:

1. Sleep is indeed a luxury, you can survive with very little of it. Nonetheless, I miss it greatly.

2. People post weird things on social media between 2 am and 4 am. You also hear some really strange conversations outside your apartment door at that time of day.

3. When changing a diaper, put something over your child’s penis, otherwise he might… Well, Laura can tell you more about this as soon as she gets out of the shower.

But lots of time soothing a crying child means little time to write, but tons of time to read. And we’ve read some cool stuff this week. 8 charts that predict global airfare in 2016?!?! Where will it be cheap to travel, and where will prices rise? What’s your zip code say about you? A cool map that tells you about trends, income, demographics, and more! So where should you travel and where should you live? Great reads at 3 am this morning! 

1. Visualize 24 hours of air traffic in London.

London gets over 3,000 flights a day to its five airports. And now, thanks to the wonders of technology, we can get a cool visual to understand just what that looks like!


2. What does your zip code say about you?

We stumbled upon a cool mapping tool the other day. But this map goes beyond the usual population density, age, and income demographics and dives into “tapestry segmentation” which is defined by ARCgis as: “Tapestry segmentation provides an accurate, detailed description of America’s neighborhoods—U.S. residential areas are divided into 67 distinctive segments based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition—then further classifies the segments into LifeMode and Urbanization Groups.”

Do you live in a hood of trendsetters or “laptops and latte” folks, an urban village, the golden years, or…? Play with the map and plug-in your current zip code, desired zip codes, and any you’ve lived in before!

3. 8 charts that help you predict airfare and hotels GLOBALLY for 2016.

Looking to travel, but conscious of getting the best bang for your buck? Eastern Europe might be a place to fly to in 2016. If you’re set on flying to the place predicted to rise the most in airfare cost (Asia/Pacific), take a look at Indonesia. All this info and more in the 8 charts released by SKIFT.

A cruise ship sets sail from Honolulu on our most recent trip to the beautiful state of Hawaii.

I wish we had time to share more, but the little homie is fussing and so I’m back to singing lullabies and visualizing our first big trip with the little guy off the mainland. Hawaii? Costa Rica? Iceland? A cruise? I guess we’ll wait and see, but for now, a man can dream!

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