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Welcome to New Readers From Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity

Today is a special day for our blog. Laura and I are featured on the popular travel website The Art of Non-Conformity. Much of our inspiration to start this blog came from Chris Guillebeau, a New York Times best selling author who aside from running an awesome blog and awesome conference called World Domination Summit has visited every country in the world! If you didn’t get a chance to read the profile- check it out!

I’d wanted to start a travel blog for sometime. A few years really. I pondered what it would be like to explore writing, to take the growing knowledge I had about travel and share it somewhere other than happy hour conversations with friends. But I never got around to it. To be honest, I actively blocked myself from imagining success, always reminding myself how busy I was and how complicated it would truly be to follow this intense passion. I got close to finally following my dreams, but planning our wedding (a travel fiesta itself) distracted me, and once again, I left one of my biggest dreams stay on the shelf.

We decided to do a tour of Los Angeles for our out of town wedding guests, which, among other things, included a game of touch football at the home of the USC Trojans!

I don’t believe things always just change on a dime. I think change is often a slow and deliberate process, punctuated by a defining moment that was hours, days, months, maybe years in the making. And this is no different. I was itching to do something new in my life at the time I got a copy of The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Gullibeau. One day later we were jetting off to New Zealand for our honeymoon. As it turns out, the flight to New Zealand is pretty damn long, so I had A LOT of time to read. Each page I read, I also discovered I had a lot of time for something else: Getting restless. Oh, and drink a lot of champagne- Thanks awesome Qantas flight attendants!

When the flight attendants found out we were celebrating our honeymoon, they went beyond the free pajamas and hooked us up with a bottle of champagne!

Have you ever had that little voice that beckons the best of you turn into an unavoidable and confident shout? For days on our honeymoon, my mind in moments of quiet would drift to what Chris was inspiring me to do. I was 30 years old, and I was tired of half ass pursuits of my passions. It became apparent: It was time to start a travel blog, plain and simple.

Sure, most people dream of things bigger than a blog I suppose. But this is my dream, and I’d dodged it for too long.  But a 12 mile hike to a volcano gave Laura and I enough time to realize it was time to act, fear of failure be damned.

Before my feet hated me for a 12 mile hike, when I had trained for all of about 1 mile.

The result is this blog you’ve stumbled upon. Like us, it’s far from perfect. But it’s full of energy, random thoughts with the occasional really brilliant one, and a curse word or two laced here and there because, well, I’ve got a fucking potty mouth.

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Thanks again for joining us. If you landed here, no doubt you’re already a fan of the great work Chris has done with his blog and books like The $100 Startup or The Happiness of Pursuit. But if you’re not reading the blog, and haven’t checked out the books- I encourage you to do so. You never know, they might just inspire you to follow those dreams that you’ve allowed to lay dormant for so long now.

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  1. I am so very happy for you guys. I know how much love and labor you’ve put into this blog. I read AONC by Chris as well, and it’s been messing with me a bit as well to do something bigger! This is just further inspiration. Thanks guys!

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