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Welcome Thought Catalog Readers

So if you’ve landed here, you’ve no doubt read our post Because 31 is the New 21 that was published on Thought Catalog! Anytime you get a chance to publish your content with a website you admire, and they happen to have over 400,000 Facebook Fans and 361,000 followers on Twitter, you’re excited to say the least!

So what’s this site all about?

To be honest, it’s still a beautifully complicated work in progress. But this much we know: We like travel, and so do you. And we don’t like travel just for the sake of talking about it at cocktail parties. No, it’s something much more profound. Travel doesn’t just fulfill us- it informs the very essence of who we are.

So if the first great truth in travel is that it’s necessary, the second great truth is one you no doubt know intimately as well: It’s damn hard to do.  First, it’s expensive. And so this blog, as much as it is about stories and inspiration, is also about finding ways to cut the costs, increase the travel. Cut the costs, increase the travel. It’s a mantra, and it’s not just in the posts we write, it’s in our excitement to connect with all of you, close friends or stranger, and do what we can to help enable more travel in your life!

When you get serious about finding cheap ways to travel, sometimes you really luck out. LA to Honolulu to Tokyo to Hong Kong to Bali to Bangkok (trains through Thailand and Malaysia) to Singapore to LA. Business class. Seats like these. Total cost: $200 and airline miles.

Finally, it’s about you, our readers. Travel is about community. We can’t promise our travel styles will always match, but we can promise you this: We’ll always be honest, and we’ll always go above and beyond to help you get to where you want to get.  So hang out with us.  Gleam inspiration from some of our whimsical posts. Benefit from our practical travel tips. And check back for our soon to be released uncommon guides, a showcase of millennial travel to cities on and off the beaten tourist path.


Leading a group through a weekend immersion trip to Tijuana and visiting the only place on the border in that region where people can talk to one another across the fence.

So once again, bienvenidos! We’re glad to have you. If you vibe with what you’ve read above and what you read on Thought Catalog, where should you start to read more?

For travel inspiration, look no further than the Travel Manifesto that launched the site. Read the most inspirational travel post we’ve ever read, anywhere! Read the scandalous post about that what time Laura encouraged me to travel alone… to Amsterdam! If social justice is your thing, read some of our work on The Huffington Post like Holes in the Fence– a look at the human face of immigration.

For quick tips that will score you free gifts, check out this post on scoring free magazines in less than 3 minutes of work. If you’re a tech geek, make sure you’ve got the latest and best apps for your smartphone.

Finally, if you’re new to travel or the research to understand loyalty programs and credit cards is intimidating, join us on the ground floor and learn about Frequent Flyer programs, check out our thoughts on hotel loyalty, and learn what are the starting steps in terms of credit cards and finding cheap flights.

Finally, let us know what you want. We’re always happy to respond to comments, Facebook messages, emails, and carrier pigeon deliveries.



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  1. Awesome as always! I know you’re struggling to find your voice, but I think it’s awesome that you’re trying to mix practical travel advice with inspiration. Your posts inspired me to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred for my wife and I, and now we’re cashing in on a trip to Costa Rica and staying at the Andaz (15k points a night). You got us to do it man, so keep writing. The blog is growing and the help is appreciated!

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