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T-Mobile Review: Using T-Mobile Abroad

Note: T-Mobile did provide us compensation and prizes to write this blog, but the thoughts and opinions here are our own.

We’ll admit it, we love our wireless carrier. Wait, say what? You heard us: We love our cell phone provider. Can you hear me now? Our cell phone provider gives us free streaming music. They give us free texting when on planes with Gogo Wifi! And they rollover unused data from the month prior. But best of all for us, our phone goes where we go, with no roaming for texting or data in 120 some countries. And, you’re about to love T-Mobile too. We’ve been working with their PR team to hook Two to Travel and Tango readers up with some great swag, compliments of T-Mobile! Want to win a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a portable power bank, or some of the sweetest headphones we’ve seen yet? Read on for how to win! 

Get T-Mobile. I’ve had a unique (read: hellish) opportunity to have had cell phone service with five companies over my life: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Cricket, and T-Mobile. And T-Mobile is my preferred carrier, hands down.

The phone that travels with you

Prior to T-Mobile, my phone either stayed at home when I traveled or was the most expensive paperweight known to man. When abroad, a lot of the places we travel to don’t have free internet and so we can end up going long stretches of a time without connectivity. T-Mobile changed all that. Now, when I need to check an email quickly, I’ve got my phone and it’s free data in most countries we travel to. When I’m lost on the streets of Berlin and need to find my way back to the hostel, I can use Google Maps to get me back. The point is this: If you like to travel abroad, and you don’t like paying high roaming charges- T-Mobile is your carrier, no question about it.

I’ve now had the chance to use the phone in the following places abroad: Mexico, Argentina, Belize (not free), Chile, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, England, The Netherlands,  Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Italy, El Salvador, Hungary, Japan, and Qatar. Suffice it to say, that after using it in 16 countries outside of the United States I’ve really had a chance to test it out and see how it works.


Prior to the news this week that T-Mobile teamed up with Gogo, I used to joke that the only place I couldn’t text with T-Mobile was on my flights around the world. Texting is free or cheap everywhere I have traveled since being a T-Mobile subscriber and it’s really a Godsend at times. I was in Argentina when I got an urgent text from a friend. In the past, that text would have gone without response to until I returned to Los Angeles but thanks to T-Mobile, I was able to help him troubleshoot what he needed, on a tight deadline! And now that you can use free texting up in the skies on many flights, it’s clear: T-Mobile is a great choice for anyone who texts and travels. Still with us?

Who Doesn’t Like Affordability?

Did we mention T-Mobile was cheap? I was surprised to learn how much my friends on Verizon and ATT&T pay. The come back is always “Well we have a higher quality service” but I don’t think that’s the case. I’ve had no problems with T-Mobile service or speed. Laura and I scored a company discount with our phones, and so our family plan right now costs us $123.00 all in. That’s right, $62 a person gets us unlimited calling, data, texting, as well as phone warranty through their JUMP program. We did opt to not buy upgraded data, so we get 1 gb highspeed data and then if we exceed that, our data is still free, it’s just slower. But we are in wifi zones so often we haven’t struggled with this.

What’s more, T-Mobile is contract free. This is great, but it also means we pay a higher price for our phones. How is this great? Two ways: First, with JUMP, upgrading is easy. So if you constantly want the latest technology, JUMP makes it easy. But if you’re like us, and happy holding onto your phones for sometime, once the phones are paid off (2 years after we bought it) then our monthly bill drops dramatically since we’re no longer paying for our phones. We’ll begin to save $42.50 meaning for our family plan, our total out of pocket costs will be $80.50!

But What Don’t You Like?

Maybe it’s just me, but being abroad eats up my battery like no other. And sometimes after we land, it takes my phone a while to get it’s act together, realize where we’ve jetted off to, and get up to speed with my latest texts and emails. And finally, the data abroad is slow. You can buy a package to speed it up, but realize that with free data around the world comes some cost, and in this case that cost is sometimes slow connections. But those problems are minor compared to my friends who either can’t use their phones abroad or have to pay WAY too much to do so.

Yes, the Little Things Count

If affordability and the ability to use your phone almost anywhere in the world aren’t enough for you, that’s ok, because there’s more: The little things count. I like that T-Mobile doesn’t count music streaming services against our high speed data. It’s a small thing but it’s what allows us to keep in the data plan we have. But more than anything, I like the customer service I get with T-Mobile. Each time I’ve had to call them up, I’ve been fortunate to have great customer service. When we go into a store, people take care of us. I mentioned earlier that I’ve been with four other wireless carriers and believe me when I say reliable customer service is anything but a reliable guarantee on the mobile phone world.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to T-Mobile and get yourself set up with a plan that’s reliable and affordable. Don’t thank me now, instead send me a text from 30,000 feet in the air or leave a post on this blog as you wander the streets of some beautiful foreign city, unafraid to unleash your data!

Want to Win Some Free Stuff?

A little over a month ago I had a chance to speak on the phone with T-Mobile CEO John Legere. I reached out about the blog and our idea to write about T-Mobile, and 30 minutes later, at 9 pm John was calling my cell phone. We chatted about a number of things, and he put me in touch with his PR team to give away a few cool items they’ve been using lately in conjunction with their T-Mobile phones. So what are we giving away?


Sometimes, we get offers for giveaways that we want to just keep for ourselves. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker falls into that category! If you want to take your jams with you wherever you go, this speaker looks pretty legit!

Tired of weak sound and tangled headphone cables? a-Jays Four solves the problem!

A while back we said one of the items we consider most important for every traveler to carry is a portable power bank. These tiny chargers fit in your pocket and provide you a quick charge when the juice is dying on your phone or tablet.


And last but not least, a fancy T-Mobile hat. T-Mobile Hat

So, the question on everyone’s mind: When’s the next contest? We’ve got some business class pajamas and amenity kits to watch out for in the next month or two. Oh, the more important question at hand- how do you win one of these items?

Here are the official details:

  • There are a few ways to enter and you can get multiple entries. So comment on here and retweet and your get two entries. Get the drift?
    • 1. Sign up as a NEW subscriber to get email updates of our blogs (worth 2 entries): 

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    • 2. First make sure you like our Facebook page, and then like and/or comment on the status about this contest. Liking the status will get you one entry, commenting will get you another entry. Share our post with your friends by clicking the share button, and you’ll earn two entries.
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    • 4. Respond to the question at the bottom of this post for 1 entry only!: What do you think is the coolest thing T-Mobile offers?
  • We’ll be taking entries up until 11:00 AM PST Sunday, January 11th, 2015. When I get back from El Salvador, we’ll announce 4 winners on the blog early the next week and contact the winners directly.
  • The contest  is open to legal residents of the United States and the District of Columbia only who are 18 years of age or older.
  • At the end of the contest period, we’ll collect the Facebook like and comment entries through Contest Capture  (which compiles them into a handy CSV export). We will manually add the Facebook shares (2 entries each), retweets (1 entry each), email subscribers (2 entries each),  and comments below (1 entry) and then use the number generator to determine the winners.
  • The order of the prizes being raffled off will be as follows: First the waterproof speaker, then the a-Jays Four, then the power bank, and finally the hat.
  • The winner will be contacted either by email or Facebook and have 10 days to accept the prize and provide us an address to mail it.

We love T-Mobile, and we’re sure at least four of you will after you win the cool prizes they supplied us for this post, and so we want to hear from you:

What do you think is the coolest thing T-Mobile offers? For us it’s using T-Mobile abroad, but what about you? It can be anything from their cheap rates, free texting while flying, free data for streaming music, roll over data, or the cool services they provide for free while traveling abroad! Let us know!

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  1. Free texting on flights for sure

  2. Michael H.(oldfox)

    January 8, 2015 at 7:13 am

    The ability to easily use T-Mobile abroad is the best! Wow!

  3. The ability to cross a border and still have data and texting capabilities is the most wonderful feeling. Even if you’re gone for just a week abroad, the basic plan is totally worth it!

  4. I think the ability to use your phone pretty much anywhere abroad is awesome.

  5. Free data for streaming music!

  6. No contracts….

  7. Using T mobile abroad…

  8. Rolling over unused data. Im usually below my data amount, but not enough month to month to justify cranking down my GBs per month. It’s a nice nod to the customer letting me use the minutes I’ve paid for.

  9. Harbormobile–T-mobile affiliate! Same plans, speeds and feature for 20 bucks less 🙂

    My backup answer is free wifi calling/texting. If you don’t have a strong cell signal, wifi calling is a lifesaver. Also if you do t have a strong signal at home or work, t-mobile will send you a signal booster for free!

  10. free streaming music!

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