I’ve become hooked on The Good Wife. #DontJudge. There’s just one problem: The Good Wife isn’t on Netflix. Or so I thought… 

Netflix is growing. You all know that. Just look at the countries it is available in:

Countries Netflix is available to stream

In the past, if you wanted to stream something, you had to use a VPN and mask your IP address to look like it was from the USA. And while that’s still necessary in some parts of the world, more and more, Netflix users at least are finding access to some, if not all of their favorite shows, when they travel.

But back to The Good Wife. It’s a great show. And the only way I’ve really been able to watch it is awkwardly streaming it from my iPad to my Apple TV. It often loses the connection, and so I find myself frustrated resetting it 2-3 times and wondering why I couldn’t have a binge obsession that was easier to access, say on Netflix.

And so imagine my surprise when I landed in Chile the other day, got cozy in the brand new and ever so fancy LATAM VIP Lounge, opened Netflix and saw… The Good Wife.

For my long layovers, I hung out in chairs like these:

LATAM Lounge in Santiago, Chile

I nerded out binge watching The Good Wife, glass of free champagne in hand, just the way, just the way I imagine Julianna Margulies would have wanted me to. So next time you’re abroad, flip open the iPad and see if Netflix is available. Because of the way contracts work out, some shows you would find on Netflix in your home country won’t be available where you are visiting, but at the same time you might be pleasantly surprised to find shows you can’t find in your home country available during your travels. And so for me, using Netflix abroad meant access to a show I don’t always have reliable access to!

And the last final bit of good news: Netflix originals are available in ALMOST every country Netflix is available (sorry France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Hello House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black!

Now of course, if the show you love ISN’T available, there are always work arounds as well. You could get some VPN software on your computer/tablet/phone, and make it look like you’re accessing the internet from the United States. Many entertainment apps are slowly wising to this, but for now it’s a decent workaround!

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