From time to time, we come across some travel stories that we really want to share with our fellow travel nerds. And man, this week was a good one. I’m in Cordoba, Argentina at the moment. It’s a city of historic buildings, great food, and wonderful culture!  

“The Jesuit Block” a place Pope Francis briefly called home

 It’s a city many people miss on their tours of Argentina, and yet one I love, except on days like today… It’s 34 degrees outside.  

 And after a long day outside on a cold southern hemisphere winter day, I couldn’t wait to come back to the hotel and write about these great deals! So what do we have?

We’ve got hard data on the best and worst airlines AND airports when we’re trying to avoid annoying and costly delays. We’ve got a sleek tool to help you find which flight options have everything from wifi and in flight entertainment to power outlets. And we’ve got something I think we could all enjoy: A detailed but simple tutorial from one of our favorite travel bloggers on how to take great photos when you’re on the road. 

Nate Silver on the best and worst airlines and airports if you’re looking to avoid delays.

Many of you might recognize the name Nate Silver. He rose to fame for his ability to use data to very accurately predict election results. Not long ago he brought his number crunching skills over to ESPN, where he has used it for sports analysis. So the man already focuses on two areas I am obsessed about, and when I saw this article on ESPN, I knew he’d hit for the cycle, so to speak. But Nate’s analysis is great. Want to know the airline that gets you where you need to go the fastest? They move beyond the padded schedules airlines publish, and instead crunch the pure data about how long it takes door to door for each airline on routes, and they also analyze which airports really have managed to minimize delays. Here’s a hint: Chicago sucks in winter and Honolulu, well, they’re pretty great with on-time departures.

Why you need to play around with RouteHappy

We’re big fans of the travel blog Million Mile Secrets. We have a small bias because, well, they profiled our blog back in December. People message me most with a couple requests:

1. How do I find a free or cheap flight?

2. How do I find a free or cheap flight?

There’s never quite the answer people like to this: 1. Get in the miles and points game with credit cards and other strategic spending. 2. Get lucky with a mistake airfare, which is becoming more and more unlikely. 3. Be smart about how you search.

This means not just going to Expedia for flights, but checking a few search engines. We use HipMunk, SkyScanner,  and Kayak a lot. But more and more, we’ve also taken to another more creative search engine: RouteHappy. RouteHappy allows you to find the route that makes you most happy. Want to know if you will have outlets on your plane? An in flight entertainment set, and more? This won’t find you the cheapest flight necesarilly, but it might find you  “the best” flight!

Learn how to take great travel photos

Laura and I love to travel, and we love to write about travel, but we aren’t always so great about taking photos while we travel. We don’t own a DSLR, and often we get stuck in a moment and don’t even think to pull our phones out to capture it. Nomadic Matt doesn’t seem to have that problem. And his blog post on taking good photos was simple, straight to the point, and helpful!

Two stackable bonus point offers from Hilton

Hilton points aren’t our favorites. They’re pretty much the Delta SkyMiles of hotels. But their hotels are everywhere, and they’re still valuable points to have. And so I was excited when they extended their double points promotion through August 31st, and even more thrilled when I got an email Thursday offering 5,000 bonus points for any stays through July 6th, 2015! If you pay for the room with a co-branded Hilton Card, you could be getting a return on value of anywhere from 30 to 40% depending on the property and price paid. That’s crazy!

And that’s it! Enjoy the articles!

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