We’re big fans of our mobile carrier T-Mobile. We’ve had a chance to talk to the CEO and he’s simply disrupting the mobile phone market as we know it. We wrote about all of this when we did a review of T-Mobile, but the simple facts are this:

1. T-Mobile provides free text and (low-speed) data in about 120 countries.

2. Streaming music doesn’t count against your data.

3. You can use T-Mobile to text in the sky on Boingo for your next flight.

4. T-Mobile is cheap. Dirt cheap.

But they decided that wasn’t enough. And now there is big news for any of you who ever travel OR call/text to Mexico or Canada. And while it won’t cost you anything to add this service, there is one important thing to note: You have to know how to opt in. What’s the great deal and how do you get it? Starting July 15th, T-Mobile customers in the United States will get unlimited and FREE calling to Mexico. And if you happen to travel to Mexico or Canada, you now get 4g speed data and texting- free!

Last year, I visited Mexico on about 12 separate occasions so this is huge for me.

But these benefits don’t just happen. You have to be a simple choice plan member AND you have to call or message T-Mobile July 15th in order to receive this benefit. For most people, it won’t change anything other than add the benefit.

I called earlier today to opt in. It took all of 5 minutes and I’m set up for this to go starting on my next billing cycle. T-Mobile has been shaking things up in the mobile phone industry. What will they do next?

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