From time to time, we find articles and stories too good to pass up. And this week is no different. Craft beer in TJ, the death of summer vacation for Americans, a glimpse into the future of flying, and a horrifying graphic that begs an important question for world soccer: How many poor migrants must die in order for Qatar to construct stadiums to host the World Cup? 

Craft Beer in Tijuana

It is safe to say we’re some of the biggest supporters of Tijuana. I have visited the city about 30 times in the last couple years. He has seen the change, tracked the trends, and tasted the goodness of their hot culinary scene.

And this was our cheap lunch. Food in Tijuana is legit- need I say more?

And this was our cheap lunch at Colectivo 9. Food in Tijuana is legit- need I say more? Photo Credit: Joaquin Loustau

OK- I'll say one more thing I guess. Titos in Playas de Tijuana.

OK- I’ll say one more thing I guess. Titos in Playas de Tijuana. Photo Credit: Joaquin Loustau

Hell, CNN finally hopped onboard to what I was teaching my students in February when I took them to the hub of innovation in Tijuana: This city is transforming into a tech mecca!

A former bus depot is now the home of Tijuana's tech world- HUB STN

A former bus depot is now the home of Tijuana’s tech world- HUB STN. Photo Credit: Joaquin Loustau

And while their craft beer scene can seem illusionary, that’s starting to change as this LA Weekly article notes: Craft brewers have taken over an open air market in the city and the result is a beer drinkers heaven.

Migrant Deaths Building Stadiums in Qatar

And as much as we’ve been advocates of Tijuana, we also have expressed a fair share of criticism for Doha, the capital city of Qatar. Qatar rubbed us the wrong way more than anywhere else we’ve ever traveled, and while the rest of the world focuses on US indictments of top FIFA officials we hope articles like this Washington Post story will help to widen the focus to include the startling number of migrants being held in slave like conditions, and dying in mass numbers to construct buildings for the World Cup Qatar no doubt (bought) is struggling to keep in a positive light.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post.

Who Killed Summer Vacation?

Time Magazine had a great cover story a couple weeks ago. It asks what any travel obsessed American has asked for a number of years now: Why do our vacation policies in the United States suck? Fascinating article with lots of creative solutions by smaller companies and firms because guess what? Turns out happy and well rested employees make for more productive and loyal employees. The article requires a subscription to Time

Flying Into the Future of Airline Cabin Design and Comfort

So I have been flying a lot the first 6 months of the year. By July 1, I will have logged about 105,000 miles in the air- and that’s just since January 1. So what companies are doing in order to make flying more comfortable- well let’s just say it’s got my attention. And this Economist article about the future of cabin comfort is crazy, exciting, and… worth your time to read!

Never Miss a Mistake Fare Again

A lot of people ask for my help finding them cheap fares. They want a silver bullet to cheap travel, and usually there is none. The cold hard truth is this: To travel for free or next to free requires earning airline miles, and you earn the bulk of the miles you need in two ways:

1. Travel. A lot. And earn miles that way. When you earn loyalty, you earn bonus miles, so that’s why we urge loyalty when possible.

2. Open credit cards. Meet the minimum spend to earn the large bonus miles advertised. Use miles for travel.

But from time to time, some incredible mistake fares come along. Airlines ( or someone) screws up, a ticket is sold MUCH cheaper than it should be, and customers like you jump on the deal before it goes away. Want to make sure you never ever miss a mistake fare? Scott Grimmer who runs a great blog follows these fares and has a way to make sure you’re never too late to hop on the train.

A few notes: Mistake fares can be controversial. Figure out if you are down taking advantage of them or not. And the DOT recently weighed in on them, and many people think the “mistake fare” as we know it is dead. As we say in Spanish- vamos a ver!

That’s what we’re reading- let us know if you read anything cool about travel this week!

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