It’s Friday. Which in the summer translates into Fandango buy one get one free movie tickets with your Visa Signature. It’s been hot and humid in LA, and so the idea of going to a cool theater and chilling out excites us.

Remember the simple but important rules you need to know in order to get the buy one get one free promo from Fandango:

1. You have to use a Visa Signature card. Think Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom, Chase Ink, Capital One Venture, Fidelity Investment Rewards, etc… Here’s a full list to see if you qualify.

2. Card can only be used once every 30 days for this deal and to make it easy, access it through this link.

3. Credit is for a max of $19.50. Should work for most of you and if you’re like us, Fandango gives you the perfect reason to splurge on the fancy recliner seats you wouldn’t otherwise buy!Fandango Visa Signature

Bonus Hint

4. If you want to save even more money, first head over to Turns out you can earn one Marriott point per dollar. Click the link to Shop My Way. Enter your Marriott number (you don’t need to register below, enter password, any of that). Click enter, and head to Fandango. It’s not many points but hey, every point counts in this game!

5. Enjoy movie. Laura and are usually months behind the curve, so I am happy to say this time we’ll only be a week behind as we go to check out Trainwreck with that famous Amy lady who is suddenly EVERYWHERE. 

What movie will you be checking out?

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