From time to time, we love to share what’s come across our radar. Usually it’s hot stories of the week, or sometimes like this, it’s a drafted post that never got published (but in this case, still worth your time). Sometimes it’s enjoyable, often times it’s a #WTF story, and sometimes it’s just the type of whacky story worth sharing over coffee or near the water cooler (if anyone still has conversations around the water cooler anymore). So what epic stories landed on our radar last month: Airplane seats that work like noise canceling headphones, documenting the most shameful passengers actions, and the most amusing trip report we’ve ever read (spoiler: It involves flying in a Singapore Airlines first class suite). 

  • First things first, the skies have quieted down. Only a month ago it seemed there was a new fight every week over to recline or not to recline that was grounding flights as passengers threw their limited amount of Ginger Ale on one another. And yet, let’s not deceive ourselves: Economy class tickets can really suck! So we’re curious about what Silentium Company is developing: The “QuietBubble” is a product meant to cancel out most ambient noise on your flight, and it comes in your seat headrest. Too good to be true? We’ll wait and see!

    Silentium QuietBubble courtesy of

  • Laura and I often use our miles for pretty awesome business class tickets. Perhaps we’re too easily impressed because a seat that goes flat, combined with a giveaway of passengers and good wine is enough to keep us beyond giddy. But Derek Low, like many a travel blogger- wants only the best. And recently he got it: A journey in Singapore Airlines first class suites. The writing is comical, the photos insane, and the steal unbelievable: A $23,000 airline ticket for miles and a few bucks. Read his epic trip report and prepare to be jealous.

    the most epic “Look at my cool airplane seat” photo ever? Photo courtesy of

  • The first time someones barefoot touched me on a plane, it freaked me out. Elbows are weird things, and I don’t like anyone or anything touching my elbow, let alone someone’s smelly foot. This was all before one of our readers Walter pointed me to my new favorite Instagram account @PassengerShaming was born. Nasty feet, shirtless passengers, and many a questionable outfit make this a must follow on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t believe me, just take a look at a few of our favorite (or least favorite) photos below.

No words needed

Photos courtesy of the Passenger Shaming Facebook page

And we could go on, but really, shouldn’t we just stop while we’re ahead? What’s the nastiest thing you’ve witnessed on a plane?

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