From time to time, we find some really interesting articles related to travel or millennial lifestyle. We do the digging, you do the reading. So what are we reading this week? Just the usual, talk of a new international airport being built in North Korea, photos of Iceland that will make you want to take advantage of a sweet airfare to the country, and advice and stories on the website of one of our favorite travel bloggers- Chris Guillebeau. 

  • I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. 30 Fantastic Photos From Iceland reaffirms that, but also makes me deeply curious about the rest of this beautiful country. And now that a lowcost carrier called WOW is launching service from Reykjavik to Boston and Dulles, and the fares are cheap: Like $250 roundtrip from those cities to Reykjavik, London, or Copenhagen cheap. HT to The Points Guy for breaking this!

    Gígjökull, an outlet glacier extending from Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland. Lónið is the lake visible in the foreground. Via Wikimedia Commons. Photo credit: Andreas Tille

  • Chris Guillebeau is one of our favorite travel bloggers, and I loved this post on feedback he got from Lissa Rankin when writing his new book, The Happiness of Pursuit: a quest is a calling, because for a quest to be fulfilling- it must have meaning. Great advice for any of us who write or seek to persuade people.
  • News of North Korea always fascinates me, and I can’t totally say why. I’m used to reading about its politics, but rarely travel. Their current airport sounds like it’s nothing more than a warehouse like temporary structure, as seen in this photo.

    Busy time at Pyongyang International Airport. North Korea is today considered the world’s most isolated country. Photo via Wikimedia Common, courtesy of Roman Harak

    So news about a new airport in Pyongyang being build at record speed has me fascinated.

  • Many of you know I’ve been following the ebola outbreak in West Africa quite closely, and with much frustration. Frustration about the way the media is covering it and yet not covering it at the same time, focusing on three cases in the United States with little attention paid to the thousands in West Africa. As one friend commented, Kim Kardashian has had more husbands than the US has had ebola victims. And so I was deeply moved by this great essay by Michael Rozier in America Magazine about the real story about ebola.

That’s what we’re reading. What about you?

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