We’ve never flown WestJet. But we sure like the way they are not only winning on social media, but really leveraging their power as a company to make a positive impact in the lives of the communities they serve. So here are three videos that highlight why we’re such big fans of WestJet Airlines. Be warned, smiles, tears, and a whole range of emotion await you! 

1. The first WestJet Christmas Video.

It was 2013 when WestJet first landed on our radar. They went viral with a creative video that involved surprising some of their passengers in a most incredible way.

2. WestJet Father’s Day Video 2014

Then as Father’s Day approached, they were back, pulling at our heartstrings as they worked to surprise a father with a sick child the chance to spend precious time with his ill son. Grab some tissues before proceeding on this one.

Bonus: A bit of a behind the scenes on the making of this video.


3. Then they followed up on their Christmas video, but instead of Canadian passengers, the new WestJet Christmas Video for 2014 worked with a low income community near Puerto Plata in the Domincan Republic, a community they serve.

Bonus: Why do it where they did it? Everything from choosing their community partner to why they chose to wrap the gifts in the unique way they did shows they’ve got a good corporate social responsibility team that works very well in sync with the marketing and video proudction crews!

Double bonus: Watch the 2012 flashmob that was also hugely popular!

WestJet seems like the Canadian version of Southwest, but even a little more edgy and fun. What do you think about the videos?

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