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Happy Birthday Laura

Sometimes we have to travel a great distance to find something close to your heart. Forgive me if that sounds overly dramatic, as it is. But recently Laura and I attended a wedding celebration in South Africa. For those who struggle with geography (and as it turns out, a great number of people really struggle with geography in Africa), that’s a long haul. And so after a flight to Europe (a wonderful detour in Paris) we landed in South Africa. The immigration officer was quite confused. “You were here less than 90 days ago?” she suspiciously inquired, eying my passport. “And you don’t work here?” After a great internal debate, she allowed us into the country, undoubtedly confused by the two Americans who had somehow decided to vacation twice in 3 months in a location many Americans struggle to visit even once.

But no matter. The time in South Africa was a blessing of grand proportions. We witnessed the celebration of a love that is infectious (congrats Sarah and Katye) and really met some wonderful people. We visited the Great Karoo, and found ourselves in a tiny town named Prince Albert, population 7,000 people. “American?” the woman at the guest house asked, that same look of suspicion I am coming to know all too well in South Africa. “We don’t get many of you here.” Thanks? I think.

We had the coolest sundowner ever, just hanging out in the middle of nowhere, enjoying a desert sunset, celebrating love of friends, and reveling in our final big trip as a family of two, not three. 

But at the wedding celebration I saw a quote that has always moved me since the first day I saw it. It’s by Louis de Bernières, and it goes like this: 

The first thing that greeted you as you signed the guest book was this beautiful quote.

The first thing that greeted you as you signed the guest book was this beautiful quote.

There was a point to this post, and here it is: Sometimes we travel a great distance in order to find something so close to our heart. When Laura and I were trying to figure out whether or not to get married, I actually prayed again and again with this quote. Help me to understand it Lord. Help me to understand if I’m in love with Laura, or if I really love her.

A couple of years later, our roots continue to grow towards one another. We prepare to welcome a future traveler into the family (or the next Messi according to Laura if the frequent kicks are any indication). And so to people in pursuit of art… Cheers! Happy birthday to my beautiful wife.

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  1. Loved reading this and fully agree with the quote. From my perspective it is a true statement and we have been together for 40 years! Happy birthday to my wonderful daughter!!!

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