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Earn up to 8 points per dollar on dining today!

Happy 4th of July! What better way to celebrate than earning an absurd 8 points per dollar on any dining purchases today?

With the Chase Sapphire Preferred card you usually get 2x per dollar when dining. But on the first Friday of the month, that goes to 3x! But there’s a way to take your 3x, and turn it to 6-8x. Here’s how. 

Join the Rewards Network

Rewards Network is a dining program that earns you additional miles or points, for free. Anytime you eat at a participating restaurant, you automatically get the extra points. Who can you earn points with? See the full list below, but some of our favorites have to be American, United, Southwest, IHG, Hilton….oh we could go on and on and on! You name it, and there’s a points or miles opportunity associated with it. Again, we can’t emphasize this enough- it costs nothing, and you do nothing (other than register your credit card upon signup). So a $50 meal today on your Chase Sapphire Preferred, would earn you the following:

$50 x 3 miles (First Friday promotion) = 150

7% end of year bonus provided by Chase Sapphire Preferred = ~10 miles

$50 x 5 miles (Rewards Network VIP Member Rate) = 250

Total miles = 410, for doing something you were planning to do anyway!

Note: When you first sign up for Rewards Network, you will earn a lower rate to start. For our example, we’ll use American Airlines, where you earn 3 miles per dollar. After 12 dines at a reward-eligible restaurant, you get VIP status which takes you up to 5x. See the full reward chart below that we have for American Airlines.

American AAdvantage Reward Network Earning Chart


This doesn’t even mention some of the targeted promotions taking place right now. American Airlines and United are offering some Rewards Network members the opportunity to earn a bonus 10,000 miles. And update: We just read on MommyPoints that Southwest is offering double miles through Rapid Rewards Dining in July!


Rewards Network Partners



How do I start?

At Rewards Network, register your Chase Sapphire Preferred and other credit cards. Then, find restaurants that earn miles through the program and go out and enjoy a good lunch, dinner, or cocktail.

How to Start With Rewards Network

Other Tips For First Friday Promotion

But it’s the 4th of July. You’ve probably got some cool cookout planned and weren’t thinking of going out to eat. No worries, you can still earn miles in a creative way today, and on any future First Fridays.

  • Reload your Starbucks card. We use the first Friday of the month to reload our Starbucks Gold Card. It’s a small way to earn a few extra miles.
  • Buy gift certificates. We buy gift certificates to restaurants we are planning to visit this month anyway. Buy today, get a few extra miles.  Some people are a bit more extreme and will go great distances to buy a gift certificate. For us, we just stop by one of our favorite local joints on the way home. It’s up to you to decide how far you want to go for a few extra miles.
  • This is for a small part of our readership, but a real important segment nonetheless. Getting married soon? Ask if you can pay the caterer on the first Friday of the month. Do the math on the most expensive meal of your life, and now imagine getting 3x miles on it.

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Please note: Laura and I do receive referral points if you get a Chase Sapphire Preferred through our website. You don’t have to use the link, but we’re always grateful when you do!

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  1. So I can sign up with multiple partners with the same credit card? This would mean I can get miles on one purchase with 5 different airlines. Is that right?

    • So let’s say you have 3 credit cards. You pick which dining portal you want to use. Rewards Network is the company that runs them all, so when we try and double dip and say get credit for American and United, it won’t let you. It detects the multiple signups and only allows you to earn points with one partner. So you pick one, and then register your cards with it. Then, anytime you use that card, you automatically get the bonus miles.

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