We know many of our readers travel through JFK fairly frequently. And so I was surprised in talking with some friends from New York the other day to learn what I thought was common knowledge was in fact mind-blowing to said group of friends. If you travel to JFK, you most likely use either Metro or the LIRR to get close to the airport, before taking the AirTrain into the terminals. And if you’re in terminals 6-8, and don’t want to wait for the train to go ALL THE WAY AROUND the airport, we’ve got a simple secret that will save time and stress.

The secret is simple. Once you enter the AirTrain, you’ll take it first to Federal Circle, aka the car rental spot. The next spot is terminal 1, then 2, and so on. If you’re in terminals 6-8, the secret is pretty simple, and yet I noticed on my most recent trip used almost exclusively by the airport employees only.

If you want to save time, do this:

1. When the train reaches terminal 1, get out.

2. Walk across to wait at the other track. You’ll notice on the screens that those trains aren’t going back to Jamaica or Federal Circle. Instead, you’re now waiting for an internal terminal train only. And so next stop from terminal 1? Terminal 8.

 It’s a simple secret to be sure, but one that saves us a lot of time when we’re waiting for a flight on American in terminal 8, or any of the airlines in terminals 6-8.

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