I’ve always wanted to REALLY see the Northern Lights. I’ve flown by them on flights and glimpsed them out the window, and wanted nothing more than to sit with them, really sit with them and take them in.

There’s a low cost no frills airline that’s making them possible now more than ever. Want to get to someplace like Iceland or the UK for $99 each way from cities like Boston and Baltimore. Hard to believe, but here’s the truth: It’s possible! 

I don’t have much time to really write about this, but I wanted to give everyone the heads up ASAP in case fares like these tempt you to go.

So here is the deal: The airfare is cheap and guess what, so to is the airline. Think pay for a Coca Cola cheap. Tight seats cheap. But $99 for flights that usually cost multiple times that… To some that may be worth it! Fees add up, and yet without a doubt.

I played with a few dates, and while some fares come out higher, I was still able to find $99 one way fares like what you see below.

$99 fares from Boston to Reykjavík are real!

$99 fares from Boston to Reykjavík are real!

So if you’re interested in taking advantage of these, consider the following:

1. The flights with the deals are from Boston and Baltimore.

2. Getting to Reykjavík is the cheapest option, but there’s also connecting options to London and Copenhagen.

3. The sale fares don’t seem to start until late March via my searches.

4. Like most low cost European carriers, there are fees everywhere and anywhere. You can get a sample of them here and get a glimpse of some of them below. Extra Fees Wow Air

5. If you don’t live in Boston or Baltimore but still want to take advantage of these flights, you could take a positioning flight (buying a ticket from your home airport to one of those cities) but if you do, consider giving yourself enough time in case there are delays or other things as working between two separate airline reservations when you miss a flight is a beat and rarely works in your favor.

6. Want to learn more about the Wow Air experience? Jaunted has a trip report, but be warned, their experience is inter-Europe not US to Europe.

7. How much will everything cost in the end? You pay for a carry on more than 11 pounds. Checked bags are expensive. Seats aren’t too bad if you pre-select and so on. All in all, I don’t think it would be hard to find a roundtrip ticket, fees and all, for under $450 a person, and I bet you could find it for less if you’re a frugal packer!

Had an experience with Wow Air? We want to see who gets in on the $99 Wow Air deal, so if you’ve flown them before- let us know!

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