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Want a Free Movie Ticket Every Friday This Summer?

Who doesn’t like getting something for almost nothing? Laura and I are a bit infamous in our social circles for being hard behind the pop culture times. Movies are no different. We usually see a big hit months after everyone else has. Well this summer, much like last summer, we have no excuse. Because we each have multiple ways to get in on a buy one get one free movie ticket deal that lasts through August 21, 2015. Want a free movie ticket every Friday this summer? It’s easy! This summer, all Visa Signature cards get a complimentary movie ticket when you purchase through Fandango. So if you have a Visa, and it has the word “Signature with the logo on it, you get a free ticket! We always use the credit card we are constantly advising friends new to the travel points and miles game to get, the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  The other great thing about using this or any other Chase brand Visa Signature is you don’t need to wait until Friday to buy your tickets, Chase card members are able to buy as early as Wednesday which can be a good thing since the number of tickets each Friday is limited!


How to get your free ticket

1. Again, make sure you have a card that is a Visa Signature. That’s the card you’ll need to use.

2. Navigate over to the Fandango Visa Signature page. It should look something like this: Fandango Visa Signature

3. Enter your information to verify you have a Visa Signature card, and then from there, search Fandango like normal. Find the theater you want, pick your movie, and go to the checkout page. One thing worth noting: Fandango doesn’t serve every movie theater, so your local theater won’t always work. But it has a decent enough variety where you should find a nearby theater with no trouble!

4.  When you checkout, the total of the second ticket (up to $19.50 should be automatically discounted).

5. Go to movie. Buy the overpriced popcorn and soda because hell, you just saved money on one overpriced ticket!

6. Enjoy movie.

7. Validate parking otherwise you get back to your car and are like “son of a” and so goes the rest. OK, we’ll stop now.

But really, it’s a great deal. If you’re a nerd like me, feel free to read up on the full terms and conditions, otherwise take the highlights I have pulled out of the TOS.

1. Offer is good only while supplies last. Thus, if you have a Chase card, buy on Wednesday or Thursday. Any other card, know what you want to see and buy first thing Friday morning!

2. Like I said earlier, the value of the free ticket is up to $19.50. So if you’re going to some fancy dine in theater that costs more than that, realize you won’t get the full cost.

3. This is perhaps the most important part of this deal: The email address you use can only be used once every 7 days (regardless of whatever credit card you utilize) and most important still: You can only get 1 free ticket per credit card every 30 days. So this means if you have 1 Visa Signature card, you get to take advantage of this only once every 30 days. If you have a card and your significant other has one, twice every 30 days. If you have 4 Visa Signature cards, lucky you, it’s Free Friday movies for the whole summer!

What is a Visa Signature card? Again, the Chase Sapphire will be our first go to. We could also use our Chase Ink, Fidelity Investment Rewards, or Citi Hhonors and so on. A popular one for many people is probably the Capital One Venture Card, a card we hate but everyone seems to have. =)

Enjoy the movies this summer!

Note: Laura and I do receive a commission if you apply for the Chase Sapphire card through the link provided. You don’t have to use that link, but we’re of course always appreciative when you do!

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  1. So what if my wife’s card is from our same shared Chase Sapphire Preferred account with the exact same CC number? I am guessing we wouldn’t be able to get more than 1 free ticket every 30 days between the 2 of us?

    • Correct. It’s all about the card number. If they are the same my guess is no though it wouldn’t hurt to try since you would enter a different name. But most likely it will be tied to the card number alone.

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