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World Cup Special: Top Travel Destinations For Soccer

The World Cup has come to a close. It’s been impressive how many Americans appear to have the soccer bug! If you’ve enjoyed the World Cup, and you’ve been amazed by the fanaticism (read: Uncontrollable tears from a fan when there team loses a game).

Then perhaps you’re looking to combine your newfound love of soccer with your continual wanderlust. Want to travel and see some cool soccer tournaments in the next few year as well as see soccer where it’s celebrated most?  Upcoming Soccer Tournament Destinations

UEFA Euro 2016 Eifel Tour Euro 2016 France Fans of good wine and cheese, we’ve got great news: The biggest and most prestigious soccer tournament between now and the World Cup in Russia in 2018 is taking place in France. UEFA Euro 2016, a competition between the elite of the elite in Europe will start on June 10th, 2016 and will end July 10, 2016 in France. Is it too soon to start dreaming about this? Is it ever too soon to dream about visiting France?

Copa America 2015

Nogales Santiago Copa America Chile 2015

Photo Credit: Kevin Cacabelos

Fans of good wine and… wait, haven’t we been here before? If France isn’t your thing, but good wine still is, maybe it’s time to head to South America in 2015. Chile hosts the Copa America in 2015, bringing together the best of the best of South America for one thrilling tournament. By now you’ve probably caught on that Europe and South America together account for some of the best futbol in the world. Either of these tournaments promise to be a good time.

Or… Copa America Centenario 2016

If traveling to Chile or France doesn’t quite seem in budget, there’s a special soccer tournament taking place in the USA! For the 100th anniversary of the Copa America,  the governing bodies for teams in South America and North America, Central America, and the Caribbean are teaming up to host one mega tourney at the same time Euro 2016 happens in France. Messi, Neymar, Dempsey, Alexi Sanchez, and more! The cities haven’t been announced yet, but games will most likely take place across the nation!

Women’s World Cup 2015 in Canada

The Women’s World Cup in 2015 promises to be a great tournament. As of July 2014 the United States women team is ranked first in the world, with Germany hot on their heals. Will the women capture Gold, or will Germany have the rare feat of having the World Cup Champions for both men’s and women’s soccer? Or will someone else emerge to win it all? Find out with a visit to Canada in 2015!

Soccer in the USA- Head to the Pacific NorthWest Speaking of soccer in the USA, an MLS game is worth your time. But if you want to do it right, make no mistake, head to Portland or Seattle. Not only are both cities great entryways to explore the Pacific  Northwest, their fans are far and away the most energetic about soccer.

Club Soccer by continent Want to venture out of the USA, but aren’t fanatical enough to schedule your vacation solely around soccer? Here are a few of the best clubs (by no means exhaustive), continent by continent.


Our visit to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium when we went to Madrid for the first time.

Our visit to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium when we went to Madrid for the first time.

Real Madrid (Spain), FC Barcelona (Spain), AC Milan (Italy), Manchester United (England), Liverpool (England), Chelsea (England) Bayern Munich (Germany) and FC Porto (Portugal), and we could go on and on. There’s depth here in Europe.

North and Central America Portland Timbers (USA), Seattle Sounders (USA),  Guadalajara (Mexico), America (Mexico) Los Angeles Galaxy (hometown bias). Costa Rica certainly deserves some left after their great World Cup run in 2014, so we’re throwing in Deportivo Saprissa.

South America

The year Liga De Quito won the Copa Libertador, I had a chance to take my students to their stadium Casa Blanca and play soccer!

The year Liga De Quito won the Copa Libertador, I had a chance to take my students to their stadium Casa Blanca and play soccer!

Club Atletico (Uruguay), Sao Paolo FC (Brazil), River Plate (Argentina), Boca Juniors (Argentina), Colo-Colo (Chile), and the most underrated and most successful in recent international play- Liga de Quito (Ecuador).

What about Africa, The Middle East, and Asia? We don’t know much about futbol in those regions. If you have some thoughts, let us know!

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  1. Adding to your Pacific- Northwest referral, the MLS All-Star game will be played in Portland this year against Bayern Munchen on August 6! 8 out of the 11 starters for the MLS are all USMNT players. Most importantly, many of the WC Champions from the German squad are from Bayern Munich. Should be a great game!!!!

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