Big news in the travel world. First, if you’re like Laura and I, you have a mild obsession with House of Cards. Season three drops on Friday, the same day we’re boarding a flight to Paris. So naturally we had to know, which countries will you be able to stream House of Cards through the Netflix app?

And though we have mixed feelings about Uber, a few things are obvious:

1. They’re convenient. We’ve hailed an Uber everywhere from LA to Joburg to Doha, and everytime have found it easier and more enjoyable than relying on taxis.

2. The app is easy to use. Simple enough.

3. As far as transportation options go, they’re a mile and points junkie’s dream come true. While traditional taxis still try to make me feel guilty about using a credit card, Uber created a cashless system that makes so much sense. I love the hassle free experience of Uber.

So when the news alert hit my desk early this morning, I was intrigued. Earn Starwood Points (my favorite hotel currency) for doing what I already do? You’ve got me intrigued, so I guess the two things we’ve got for you today are this: What countries can you watch House of Cards in come Friday, and how can you earn extra Starwood Points for doing something you probably already do anyway?

Which Countries Can You Stream House of Cards Season 3?

Priorities are priorities, so I suspect many of you are curious about House of Cards. Either like us you’re traveling, or you’re just a curious person and wonder who else in the world will be watching House of Cards, and who will be consoling them with the Sesame Street parody “House of Bricks”

So we reached out to Netflix to figure out where House of Cards Season 3 will be available come Friday and they were quick in their response:

The tweet Netflix sent me regarding where you can catch House of Cards

The tweet Netflix sent me regarding where you can catch House of Cards

What this means for you is this: Netflix is available in 78 countries, and provided you like in a Netflix available country that’s not  France, Germany, Austria, or Switzerland, you’re in luck!

Countries that Netflix is available as of publication.

Countries that Netflix is available as of publication.

What if you live in a country where you can’t stream? Well you didn’t hear it from us, and we would NEVER ever use something like this when stuck on a long layover in a lounge, but VPN Express costs very little (you can get 5 gb streaming plan for $2.99 and allows you to mask your IP address to appear that you’re in a location like the United States so you can stream anything from Netflix to HBO Go.

Uber and Starwood Partnership

Uber and Starwood have teamed up and we couldn’t be happier! Here is the deal: You need to link your Uber and Starwood accounts. After you do that, and have one qualifying Starwood stay, you’re eligible to earn Starwood points ANYTIME you utilize Uber, not just when you’re staying at Starwood.

How’s the earning structure work?

From the SPG Promo website

From the SPG Promo website

So all in all, we think this is a great promo. Yes, you do need to have one qualifying stay in order to start earning points, but that shouldn’t be hard for most people. After that, you can start earning points in addition to whatever points you get through the credit card you use to pay for your ride. Most of you know there are two cards that we always have in our wallet, the Starwood American Express and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. They’re cards that earn valuable points, and have reasonable annual fees (the Sapphire Preferred is $95 a year, and the Starwood card is only $65 a year). So if you use the Starwood Amex, you could earn as many as 5 starpoints per dollar spent (depending on elite status and if you’re staying at a Starwood Property). With the Sapphire Preferred, you’ll keep earning those sweet two points for travel related purchases.

Have more questions? Check out the handy FAQ about the promo.  We’ll be signing up and hopefully testing this out when we’re in France and South Africa next week and we’ll report back!

Note: Laura and I do receive a commission on some of the links in this blog. You don’t have to use our links, but we’re always grateful when you do!

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