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Two Ways to Get Free Magazine Subscriptions Like The Economist, Time, Sports Illustrated, and More!

I saw this promo flash by several times, and almost did nothing about it.

Spirit Airlines if offering 8,000 Spirit Miles to submit a complaint (or compliment) about them or any airline. You couldn’t pay me to fly Spirit, and keep in mind, I’m pretty damn cheap. But then I came across two posts that changed my mind quickly, and they’ll probably change yours as well!  Rapid Travel Chai’s post referring to what he read on Dan’s Deals and they spoke my language: Turn those Spirit miles into magazines, and good ones at that.

Our coffee table may or may not look like this...

Our coffee table may or may not look like this…

So I created a Spirit account. I submitted a compliment (positivity is more fun) for another airline I flew. And when I get my 8,000 miles, I already have my strategy of which magazines I will redeem it for.

1 year of The Economist

1 year of Time Magazine

1 year of ESPN Magazine

Admittedly, our travel deals aren’t for everyone. I still cry a little inside each time a friend uses a debit card to pay for something. And it hurts to talk to friends who just traveled half way around the world, and didn’t bother to credit the miles to a partner.

But I’m going to go out on a limb and say everyone can benefit from some free magazines. If The Economist and Time aren’t your style, check out the other options from People to Vogue to Wine Digest and more!

And if that’s not enough, there’s another great way to get free magazine subscriptions, and work on your savings! SaveUp is similar to Mint, but it actually rewards you for saving! You can enter your account information and then earn points as you pay off credit card debt, deposit money into your bank, etc… You use the points you earn to play games for prizes, anything from a $100 Netflix giftcard to a 2 million dollar lottery. Best of all, it’s free! And as you play, you earn stamps. When you get enough stamps, you can redeem for some decent prizes, but the best of all- one year magazine subscriptions!

A small sampling of some of the redemption options you have with SaveUp

A small sampling of some of the redemption options you have with SaveUp

We’re getting Fast Company, Inc., GQ, Men’s Health, Runner’s World, and Conde Naste Traveler for free!

So check it out and see if the deal is right for you, it takes under 5 minutes to create an account, submit a comment, and then it says in about 10 days you’ll get your miles and can use them at the magazine website. Do note that Spirit miles expire after 90 days with no activity so don’t wait to long to redeem!

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  1. Done. In 10 days I’ll subscribe to:

    1. Time/Fortune – 2,000pts
    2. Self/Glamour – 1,200pts
    3. Wall Street – 4,100

  2. Hello….where exactly do you click to submit a comment on the Spirit website? Is it this?

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