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How to Redeem Free Spirit Miles for Magazines

No doubt like many of you, I logged into my Spirit frequent flyer account (still never thought I’d say those words) and saw good news:

8,000 miles! If you don’t know how to get the 8,000 miles, checkout this earlier post.

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.27.54 PM

But then it gets complicated. I clicked the “hey Patrick” button, navigated to my account, and then searched, and searched, and searched, in vein to find an option to redeem miles for magazines. Instead, I was met with this screen-

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.31.06 PMSo I panicked a bit. But rest assured, after some research, I managed to find the option to redeem my points for magazines, and I just received a nice little email congratulating me on redeeming miles for The Economist, Time, and ESPN magazine.

So how do you do it? Once you log-in follow this link to take you to the mileage redemption options. There, amongst a few options, you should find Mags for Miles.  Click that, pick your selections (up to 8,000 miles) and then checkout. No credit card information is needed, simply an address to mail the magazines, and your Free Spirit account number.

After that, you’ll receive an email like the one below that your order is being processed, pending verification of your Free Spirit account number.

Mags for MilesDon’t forget, Free Spirit miles expire when you don’t use them in 90 days, so don’t wait! And in 6 to 12 weeks, I hope we’ll have some good news to report!

Have you had luck with your miles showing up? Have you submitted your order? What magazines are other people getting!?!

Note: LauraPDX mentioned in the comments she had a hard time accessing the link. Her solution is below: Navigate with a browser other than Chrome, or use an Icognito tab with Chrome. She said when she did incognito more magazine options even became available!

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  1. Please be careful. I ordered magazines, and I swear there was no price on the page, and somehow I received an email with a grand total of $298.00. Trying to contact them now to fix this.

    • Alberto,

      That sounds crazy! I checked into a few things on it, looked at their FAQ, and to be safe I’ve also put in an email to their customer service team. Some of the stuff I came across said to make sure you’re only ordering magazines and NOT supplying your credit card number. Where they get you is on the $2 orders, which then have an auto renew. If you don’t supply your credit card it shouldn’t renew. I found this on their privacy policy… “$2 Selections:
      Enjoy the number of issues shown and the credit/debit card you provide will be charged just $2 for each selection. Your selections will then continue annually. Each year, you’ll receive a reminder notice specifying price plus processing (and any applicable sales tax) and billing terms for the next term of issues and you authorize the account you provided to be charged the rate on the notice for the next term of issues unless you choose to cancel.”

      Let us know how your experience is canceling. Do you remember if you ever had to supply your credit card number to them?

  2. Hey Patrick, I ordered my magazines and everything seemed to workout fine. I got Conde Nast Traveler, The Economist, and Time! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to enjoy!!

  3. I have tried your link and can’t get any magazines to appear. My miles just posted yesterday. I hope they didn’t shut down this option.

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