Ahh millennials. Many are at the age where they’re trying to wrap up their own degree, be it a bachelors, master, or the dreaded doctorate. Or, they might well be pushing a young one out the door to their first week of school. But one thing surely unites us, children or not, schooling or not, is simple: We like earning airline miles for something we’d already do anyway. And United and American are each making it a little easier this week to earn bonus miles. Want to earn some bonus miles on your everyday shopping?

United MileagePlus Shopping has a back to school bonus that started at the beginning of the month and runs till the end of August.

Compliments of https://www.mileageplusshopping.com/

Spend $125, get 500 bonus miles. $250 gets you $1000, $375 gets you 1,500 bonus miles, and the whopping $500 will earn you 2k bonus miles! Simply shop online by August 31st.

American AAdvantage eShopping got in the game as well, though there’s has something to do with a Vegas promo rather than back to school- but we’ll take it all the same!

Photo courtesy of https://www.aadvantageeshopping.com

And American is pretty straight to the point: Spend $200- earn 1,000. Do it by 8/25/14 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Remember, portals are a great and no brainer way to add miles to your portfolio. Everything from iTunes songs and movie rentals to whatever you plan to purchase in big box store like Target or Walmart can often be done through the portal. You simply create an account, make sure you’re logged in, search the store you want to shop at, click the link, and it will then take you to that store’s main website where any purchase earns you a certain amount of miles per dollar, in addition to great bonus promos like those above!

Finally, we use portals a lot for purchases in store. Rather than going into Macy’s or say Office Depot, we order online, pick up in store. It saves us time, and earns us the bonus miles!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for either American or United if you haven’t already, and earn those miles to plan for that big trip next summer!

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