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Delta Now Offering Free In-Flight Entertainment on Most Domestic Flights

We aren’t big fans of Delta. I don’t think that’s a big secret. Their horrible frequent flyer program called SkyMiles has made it all but impossible for us to ever use the large amount of miles we have earned.

And so it feels a bit weird to be singing the praises of Delta. It started last week when Laura’s friend Nicky came in town, fresh off a Delta Shuttle flight between SFO and LAX. Turns out, they offered her a Sierra Nevada and healthy snack- for FREE! The words free and airline haven’t exactly gone together as of late, so we were perplexed but cautiously optimistic. We did some research and saw their press release from 2013 about the shuttle and learned this: Not only was there free wine, beer, and snacks from Lyfe Kitchen, but free newspapers as well! We’re both old school newspaper nerds, so that probably excites us a bit more than it should.

Now there’s this big news:

Delta might be changing the game for domestic airlines, but for once, in a good way! Delta announced in a press release that as of August 1st, 2014 is offering free in-flight entertainment in all classes from first to economy, on any flights over 90 minutes long!


Delta Studio, being rolled out throughout the United States, provides free TV and movie content, various satellite TV channels, music, and video games! It will either be available on the AVOD TVs in the back of seats or on the Gogo app or FlyDelta app to be streamed onto your phone, tablet, or computer! But here’s an important note: You have to have the apps downloaded prior to flight. So search them out on your Android or Apple phone or tablet right away!

The change is a big one. Delta is betting that the money they could make nickel and diming their customers on entertainment is less than the amount of money they can make by offering a superior product than their competitors. As airlines have spent the last few years in a race to the bottom for customer satisfaction, one can only hope this surprising positive development for travelers nudges other airlines like American and United to follow suit with their in-flight entertainment.

While we are no fans of Delta’s SkyMiles program their latest change sure does strive to make the in-flight experience a little more enjoyable. Is it worth changing our miles earning strategy to focus more on Delta? Nope, not even close, but that upcoming flight to JFK sure looks a lot better! If you fly Delta- what are your thoughts?

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  1. I flew Delta to Shanghai last week, and I can vouch that their in-flight entertainment (with the extra swag – headphones, eye-cover, etc) is top-notch. I look forward to enjoying this on domestic flights in the future… but I gotta admit their SkyMiles program never nets me any value. That’s why I use the Capital One card so that I can pick and choose my airline without putting all my eggs in one basket.

    • Yeah we aren’t big fans of SkyMiles either! You should also look at a card like Chase Sapphire Preferred which is part of Ultimate Rewards and transfers to United among others. Takes a bit more work but can often save you a lot of money! 🙂

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