From time to time, we like to read about millennials and travel. Shocking I know. Feedly has been an amazing friend of ours since the death of Google Reader just over a year ago, as it’s easy to compile various blogs and Google alerts that keep us up to date on trends and fun reads worth sharing here. And this week, Feedly had A LOt to share with us. What are we reading, and what might you be missing out on? 

1. Uber is about to become even easier to use, if that’s possible. They updated their app so it can be used by third party providers, and as of this week, 11 have jumped at the opportunity. This means Uber, now operating in a whopping 150 cities in 50 countries, can be used inside other apps like the Hyatt, OpenTable, Starbucks app, and more. For the miles junkies here, United is for a limited time offering 1,000 MileagePlus miles to anyone who signs up for a NEW Uber account and completes a transaction through the app. While miles are fun, we think 1,000 miles isn’t ANYWHERE NEAR as great as getting $30 off your first ride, which you can claim using our referral code.

2. The millennials are coming, or so says the New York Times as they analyze the way marketers are changing their game to try and market to this growing and confusing market segment. Because of the financial crisis and more, the generation that will drive marketing for the next couple decades is confusing as can be to target.

3. We’re total saps for travel, but you already knew that.


So of course we’d be all over a 50 greatest travel quotes of all time article from our friends at Vagabondish.  Of course, we have a few we’d add to the mix!

“Is there anything to beat finding yourself at large in a foreign city on a fair spring evening, loafing along unfamiliar streets in the long shadows of a lazy sunset, pausing to gaze in shop windows or at some church or lovely square or tranquil stretch of quayside, hesitating at street corners to decide whether that cheerful and homey restaurant you will remember fondly for years is likely to lie down this street or that one? I just love it. I could spend my life arriving each evening in a new city.” Bill Bryson 

“The essentials can’t be packed and so we are traveling with bags full of nothing, and return with everything essential to who we are.” Unknown

4. Afar magazine has an amazing story, if for no other reason than when they chose to launch: 2009, in a crappy economy and a world that said magazines were a dying breed.

Instead, they’ve launched themselves into what we believe is the best and most authentic travel magazine, all in five years. Happy birthday to our friends at Afar, we love that you do what you do and are happy to support you!

5. Finally, we hope many of you are just on the cusp of booking a magical trip to somewhere cool. We’ve got places like Hungry, Japan and South Africa on our immediate docket, and we can’t wait. But booking award travel, especially when taking advantage of every possible complex routing detail, isn’t always easy. So we love this simple guide from Eric at Hack My Trip on how to “Win the Hearts and Minds of Airline Phone Agents”

What did we miss? What travel stories, inspirational quotes, or otherwise random piece of information should have been included above?

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