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From time to time, we find some really great travel news and blogs and want to share them with you! See below for some of our favorite stories for the week. Have a story you like? Add it to the comments or send us a message!

– Families with young children, it looks like Uber now has your back. In New York, they’ve created UberFamily, which is essentially Uber with car seats! 

UberFamily in New York City

MommyPoints writes about her experience using it with her young daughter. At the moment it appears to only be in NYC, but perhaps it will be coming to a city near you soon! Traveling to New York and want to use it, make sure you opt in on your app. Here’s how.

– We’ve all had travel nightmares, they range from that dirty bathroom to the truly horrible, like a rat in your honeymoon suite! Now the Frugal Travel Guy is giving away a $50 Southwest Airlines or Marriott giftcard for the best travel nightmare story. Want a chance to win? Enter at his website. Even if you don’t, click over, there are some truly crazy stories already posted including one from yours truly. =)

– Have an American Express? Hopefully you know about some of their special offers. Laura and I just got a $25 statement credit for spending $25 at Costco. It has deals at other great places as well and some people are even getting one from Amazon: Spend $20, get a $20 statement credit. See if you’re one of the lucky ones to get targeted. Million Mile Secrets explains how!

-Finally, we’ve written before about earning miles through dining programs. American Airlines is currently offering 10,000 bonus miles if you dine for a minimum of $40 ten times between now and August 15th.

10,000 Bonus Miles for AAdvantage Dining

Who dines out that much? Not us, but of course there’s a simple workaround: gift cards. Laura and I are buying $40 gift cards at a few of our favorite restaurants that are participating in the dining rewards program. It’s a simple way to get a bonus 10,000 miles, and meet the minimum spend if you signed up for any credit cards lately! The deal isn’t for everyone, but if you already had an account, you might have been targeted. Login to your account and go to bonuses and see if you find the screen below.

-Finally, there’s been an increase of articles about Voluntourism lately.

How do we make voluntourism ethical?

Turns out more and more people want to do a little volunteer work on their vacation, but it doesn’t always work out. As you can imagine, folks with no construction experience and only one week of availability don’t make the best construction workers! So the question is then: How do you feed the desire people have to do and discover good while traveling, and not at the detriment of the local community? Stay tuned as we’re working on an article about it. In the meantime though, read one of the principal complaints about the industry.

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  1. I’m all about the AMEX rewards and usually good about checking what is available. I just missed the costco one. I never purchase at costco with my AMEX but this should have been an exception.

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