Note: So the Little Homie is now 4 months old, and this article is about traveling with a two month old. Yeah, you might say we’ve neglected the blog a bit to handle (or attempt) other things: Namely our full time jobs, raising a child, and sleep. But nonetheless, hope this post is relevant and timely for some folks!

Laura and I are slightly crazy: With our little homie a few days past the ripe age of 2 months old, we hopped on a plane with him. Anyone who has had a kid or is about to soon knows there is a well rehearsed script to the whole pregnancy process. It goes something like this:

Person: Oh my gosh, you’re having a baby?

You: Yes (goofy ass smile on face)

Person: Congratulations! Boy or girl?

You: Boy (or girl)

Person: Do you have a name yet?

You: No

Person: I just love (insert hip name of the year)

But as travelers, the people who knew us always had another question, something along the lines of: “I bet you’re really going to miss traveling, huh?” But here’s the thing: Laura and I have never been those people that thought the entrance of children in our lives meant the death of travel. But nor are we the folks who believe life as we know it need not change. And so the answer was always complex: We won’t miss travel, because we still will travel, but we may once in a while miss the way we used to travel.

And so our first trip was… Well, it was a lot of things. But most of all it was smooth, joyous, and worth repeating. And rest assured, repeat it we did, with more than double the mileage a month later. So stay tuned for tips for traveling with a three month old baby What did we do right that we definitely will do again? What could we improve? Believe you and me, we’ve got more than enough tips for traveling with a two month old.¬† Continue reading

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