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31 is the New 21: One Traveler’s Reflection on Turning 31

This post originally appeared on Thought Catalog.

I’m about to turn 31 tomorrow and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life, or so I am told. In my late 20’s, not having a “career track” freaked me out. I was told again and again that I needed to find direction, settle down and of course, grow up. But here I am at 31, as uncertain in many ways as I was at 21. Rather than scare me, this gives me incredible strength. Continue reading

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Millennial Travel Manifesto: Loving Hearts, Analytical Minds, and Curious Souls

Note: A dear friend of mine recently turned 25 and asked those of us who have seen 25 come and go to write a letter to the 25 year old version of ourselves as a birthday gift to her. When we talk about the why behind travel, this is it. What follows is what has become a bit of a millennial travel blog manifesto for us.

Poco a poco, que sera, sera. Little by little, what will be, will be. The universe has a mysterious way of revealing itself to us, and we must have our eyes and ears constantly open, because often the revelation comes as quickly as it goes.

But take a deep breath. You’re in a job you find unfulfilling and it seems that, day by day, your confidence takes a hit. Maybe you’re not as dynamic as you thought. Maybe that career you didn’t just dream about, but presumed would be yours is beyond your reach. Before you know it, your thoughts and frustrations become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If 30 is the new 20, what’s that make 25? I know it’s easy to get frustrated, easier still to doubt yourself in the midst of uncertainty, but know this: It can all work out, provided you have the will and the patience to make it so.

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What This Travel Blog Will Be About

We’re going to try something here. And to tell the truth, we’re not quite sure how it will work out. But this much we know: we’re excited about where we’re going to venture, and we hope to pick up some new and interesting friends along the way.

A few years ago, a friend came to Patrick with a simple proposal: 30 by 30. The challenge was enticing. Could each of us get to 30 countries by the age of 30?

In December of 2013 in New Zealand, Patrick completed that journey (Laura’s not too far behind). And one day, hiking Tongariro National Park together, the idea of this blog was born. And you’d be amazed how much you can plan out on a 19-kilometer hike up and over a volcano.

And so this is our proposal: a blog that focuses on travel, but with a twist. One moment we want to write about the newest travel hack, and the next moment to tell the story of someone we meet in our journey. We fancy ourselves a modern day Robin Hood of travel, using our miles and travel know-how to fly in classes of service we shouldn’t even be dreaming about. And we want to write about that, and how to do it, and then follow that story up with a story of someone we met from a low-income community like Nogales, an urban barrio in the heart of Santiago, Chile. A contradiction? Most certainly. But in the words of Walt Whitman “Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”

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