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Last Minute Travel Gifts

So you procrastinated and procrastinated and now here we are, a few short days from Christmas and you don’t have any good gifts for the special traveler in your life. If this is you, fear not- we’ve got gift ideas to help you out! Looking for travel related gifts before Christmas? Here’s what we suggest!  Continue reading

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Dispatch from the Road: A Letter to my Son on Father’s Day

I bought you a stuffed animal today. I’ve started doing this nerdy thing that I think is driving your mother insane even though she won’t admit it. I buy you a gift from every place that I travel to. I know, I know…. You’re not even here yet. You, what you are to me is a small kick or punch I feel when I’m holding your mom. Whenever I see you, I don’t really see you. The doctor and your mom giggle and talk amongst each other: “do you see that leg there?” and I pretend I do, but I don’t. I think they caught on that I knew nothing of what I was talking about a few months ago when I asked if a round object on the ultrasound was your head, and the doctor rather politely and with very little judgement said “Umm, no, that’s actually just the placenta.” Well, damn.

And so why am I buying you gifts? Continue reading

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5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Travel

Father’s Day around the corner, and this one is a bit interesting for me: Laura’s pregnant, and due in about a month. We announced this back in February when we wrote a “Letter to My Unborn Child” sharing what we hope he might gleam from his own travels, 9 countries he’s joined us in, all before he’s ever born.

But days like Father’s Day are always fun, because we’ve all got someone we can recognize and honor. Could be our own dads, a person who served as an unofficial father figure, or a brother, cousin, or dear friend who is a new dad. And so what better way to honor the important dad in your life than with a cool travel related gift. If you haven’t figured something out, fear not, we’ve got 5 unique gifts for the traveling dad we can’t wait to share with you!  Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide For Travel: What to Buy the Travel Nerd in Your Life

We like to travel, like, a lot. By now, we hope you’ve caught on to that. But because we travel so much, we also have become particular about how we like to travel. It’s not just about scoring points and miles for free and better travel experiences. It’s also about figuring out what the essentials are when we travel, and what gadgets and gear will make our lives easier when on the road. The holidays around the corner, and one of two things are for certain: Either you’ve got a traveler in your life who deserves a special gift or two (or three), OR you deserve to award yourself with some of the travel items we consider must have’s! So check out our must have Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers…

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