The other day I made a wise and affordable investment: I put down $39 and bought an Amazon Fire Stick. I already have an Apple TV that I’m (mostly) happy with. So why add another streaming device? On one hand, I like the ease with which I can access Amazon Prime. While I love Netflix, Amazon Prime has added some good and unique content I can’t normally access on Netflix. I’m talking The Good Wife, Catastrophe (which is funny as hell by the way), Covert Affairs, The Americans, Bosch, and Alpha House to name but a few shows I may soon be┬ádigging. Sound like a lot? Don’t judge, I’ve got tons of late night hours to invest in rocking a child back to sleep.

But the real reason for buying an Amazon Fire Stick goes deeper, and is much more important to fellow travelers, especially if you ever stay in a hotel. In March Amazon made a HUGE software update that works in all of our favor: Continue reading

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