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Every Angelino Counts: Homeboy Industries 5k

This is me, after my first marathon, in 2004. Bloody Nipple Marathon Race Bib

To the casual eye, nothing looks out of place. But an experienced runner, or someone with intimate knowledge of “nipple chaffing” can see what most cannot: The blood soaking through my shirt, dried up on the edges of my runners bib. I learned a thing or two from running 26.2 miles but the most important lesson was this: community matters. And not just in the wax poetic kind of way but in the “save your damn nipples from hurting in the shower for the next week” practical kind of way as well. Had I known nipples could chaff, I would have got NipGuards (a real product) or at least grabbed at the Vaseline various volunteers held alongside cups of water at various mile markers.

But I also learned two other lessons. First, very little in life is insurmountable. I wouldn’t have called myself a fitness warrior before that race, and I wouldn’t have called myself one at any point after that. But what started as out as running a simple mile turned into 3.1, which turned into 5, then 10, 13, 18, and finally 26.2.

But ten years later, the second lesson has been far more humbling, painful, and if I’m vulnerable with you all- deeply humiliating. The reality is this: Achievements in running are fleeting if we aren’t willing to show up everyday and put the work in for it. And so my life as of late has been the opposite of that joy and confidence I felt years prior. 26.2 miles became 18, which slipped to 13, then to 10, down to 5, until at last 3.1 became a challenge and one became the minimum at which I could still safely commit to.

As one of my great students reminded me yesterday, you’re confined only by the walls you build. For sometime now, I’ve been more than ready to break some of those walls down. And yesterday, I began to chip away at it. Continue reading

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Eating Good Food for Good Causes: A Social Justice Food Tour Through Los Angeles

Everyone likes to eat and drink. But what if your ventures out to do so could also do good for society as well? Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Here in LA, Laura and I are obsessed with really making our dollars count. I mean, it’s one of the most expensive cities in the country, so that alone should be motivation. But we also like seeing to it that, when possible, we are confident our money is going to good causes.

And good cause can mean many things, to many people. It might be shopping local instead of at a giant box store. Perhaps it’s hitting up a mom and pop owned Chinese restaurant rather than a Chinese chain. For the purpose of this blog, Laura and I are talking about one thing, and one thing alone: How can the money you spend, support social justice initiatives? And to start, we’re going to focus on the travel destination we know the best: Our home town of Los Angeles. Continue reading

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