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Why I’m a Card Carrying (Millennial) Member of the AARP

For any of my friends with European wanderlust, I tell them to join AARP. That’s right- Laura and I are card-carrying members of the American Association for Retired People. Aside from getting interesting newsletters about Medicare- we get a benefit that blows all other travel benefits out of the water, at least for us. And here’s the thing: Everyone always thinks you have to be of a certain age to join AARP but the reality is that anyone can sign up for membership. It’s $16 a year, and it might just save you $800 off your next flight across the pond! How?  Continue reading

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A Defense of One of the Most Underrated European Cities

Europe is a big place. Obvious point I know. And yet, for my American friends in particular, Europe can get boxed into a very small space that consists mainly of Paris, Rome, and London. And let’s be real here: Rome is horribly overrated.

And there’s one city I LOVE more than any other in Europe, and when I say it is my favorite, opinion is always strongly divided. Some people love it and get excited someone else sees it the same way, but by and large people strongly disagree with me on it. But here is the interesting thing: The people who often disagree most strongly, have never ever stepped foot in the city because they often think of one thing and one thing only when they think of the city: Continue reading

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The Most Romantic European Getways For Young Couples

Note: One of the joys of traveling is meeting other travelers. So it goes with travel blogging and writing that a joy of doing this work is meeting other people who write about travel! We were fortunate to connect with Mary Davis, a freelance writer who offered to write a post on her recent experience about great places to travel for young couples interested in a little bit of romance. Enjoy!

Looking for a romantic getaway? Want a special location for a very special occasion? Europe offers some of the best romantic getaways for young couples on the planet. Here are my top 5 destinations:  Continue reading

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