Where you been? If you hang out with us here enough, you know that a couple months ago we welcomed our first little homie into the world. And as will come to no surprise to the parents reading this, it turns out raising an infant is indeed a full time job. Add that to the full time job I have to feed said infant and provide him an insane amount of diapers, it turns out hobbies like running, or reading, or writing for this blog go out the window.

But I’m back (at least for now), and happy to say Laura and I got to give the little homie his first taste of culture when we were able to attend a sneak peak of LA’s most anticipated museum opening in years: The Broad, which officially opens today, September 20, 2015.

So here’s the deal. I’m not an art connoisseur and won’t pretend to be. Turns out the little homie was actually more patient in the museum than I am in most museums. Maybe he’s getting his mama’s eye for art. But we did have a chance to really explore the museum, and so here’s what to expect from this post:

1. Visiting the Broad 101. All the basic need to knows if you’re gonna check out what I’d consider an awesome museum and the surrounding Bunker Hill area of downtown LA. 

2. Tips and tricks. Yep, there are tips and tricks, and at the preview we picked up on a few of them that you REALLY need to read if you’ll visit.

3. Just a few photos of some of our favorite art because, after all, you want to go check this place out for yourself.  Continue reading

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