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What Credit Cards Did I Just Get, and What Did I Dump?

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It’s time to do a new round of credit card applications, and there’s no doubt which card I am most excited to get. I’ll give you a few hints:

  • It has no annual fee.
  • It comes with a free year of Amazon Prime.
  • It earns valuable points that can transfer to a number of airline and hotel loyalty programs, in addition to being used in other ways.

I’m pretty excited about the card, and you’re looking for a valuable no annual fee card, you should be too.  What is it? Continue reading

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Understanding the Best Credit Card Perks

I cringe whenever I see a debit card used. It’s probably the biggest tell tale sign that I’m a miles and points snob. But, it’s also more than that: The security breach at Target taught us that using credit instead of debit is actually safer.

We’ve spoken at length about credit card perks here on the blog. We’ve gushed and gushed about our American Express Platinum, a credit card that offers us $200 airline credits (hello gift cards), a waiver to apply for Global Entry (hello short lines at airports), as well as elite status in car programs and hotels (thanks for the free upgrade), and access to airport lounges around the world (nothing beats a shower in a connecting city after a long flight). T

Laura enjoying some free food in a lounge. Between our credit cards and elite status, we get access to free showers, food and more almost anywhere we travel!

Laura enjoying some free food in a lounge. Between our credit cards and elite status, we get access to free showers, food and more almost anywhere we travel!

hese benefits are the cream of the crop by most travelers standards, but there’s more hidden deep in terms and details of our credit card.

The same could be said of our Chase Sapphire Preferred. We love double points at restaurants and on travel. Since we’re practically abroad as much as we are at home, we can’t get enough of it’s no foreign transaction fees. But again, there’s more. Because believe it or not, some of the best credit card perks are ones often not raved about when we talk solely miles, points, and cash back benefits.  Continue reading

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Taking Advantage of Your American Express With AmexOffers

We love our American Express cards, a lot! We love our Platinum Card. Not just because it gets us lounge access to lounges around the world, or gold status with Starwood hotels.

It’s much more enjoyable to wait for a flight in the Centurion Lounge rather than next to the gate. Photo courtesy of

Continue reading

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The Best Travel Credit Card and Strategies to Find The Cheapest Flight

There are two questions that, hands down, we get more than any other question from friends and readers:

1. Can you help me find a cheap flight?

2. What’s the best credit card for earning free flights and hotels?

The second question is the bread and butter of the whole traveling cheap game, so we’re getting to that. After, we’ll provide some very simple hints for flight searches.

What’s the best credit card? Like most things in life, that depends. But below are the four that are in our wallet.

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