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Celebrating Our One Year Wedding Anniversary

Not too long ago, we made a pretty obvious, simple, and yet huge decision. We liked doing a lot of this:

Laughing and having fun exploring our favorite city with our favorite photographer- Stacee Lianna. View More:

Laughing and having fun exploring our favorite city with our favorite photographer- Stacee Lianna. View More:

And so we decided it was time to take the big leap so many were politely nagging inquiring about.

It started on a most beautiful beach, on a most horrendously ugly day in November 2012:

Asking Laura to marry me in November of 2012

A little more than 8 months later, perhaps to the surprise of more than a few people, on August 3rd, 2013, it finally led to this:

View More:

View More:

Oh, and this as well…

We took our wedding guests on a tour of “Our Los Angeles” which included playing football at the coliseum, our favorite fusion food in South LA, and a stop in Olvera Street with a cast all our own to make it fun.

And just like that, one day turned into one year. And rest assured, we haven’t been able to to hang our hat on pulling off the biggest, most beautiful, fun, and stressful day of our lives. Almost immediately after the wedding ceremony,  we got nagged asked the question every young married couple knows well. When will this FINALLY happen?

Babysitting in Tijuana, where more than enough friends are on a steady campaign to ensure I never forget, they hope I’ll have my own baby someday soon

When I first took Laura to Tijuana to meet my friends, I found her cornered by one of the most amazing abuelitas in the community. As I approached, I quickly understood the jist: “You may think you’re young, but it goes by quick. And so start having babies, and lots of them, quick!” Maria emphatically told Laura, gesticulating and touching her stomach. “What is she saying?” Laura asked. “Not much” I replied. “Just saying how great it is to meet you and how beautiful your stomach is.” I think Laura knew I wasn’t being entirely truthful. Since then, babies like this appear in my arms almost every single trip, something my dear students are always too happy to snap a photo of.

All fun and joking aside, the truth of the matter is one every married couple knows quite well: We couldn’t make this work without the community we are so blessed to have surrounding us. It’s incredible family and friends, students we work with, fellow travelers we have come to interact with through this blog and other means, and so many more people who have loved us through a great first year of marriage. And so if you fit into any of those categories, and you haven’t heard it enough: Thank you. We’re grateful for the love we have shared together this last year, but more than anything, we’re grateful for the way our love is enhanced by so many incredible people who break bread and share laughs with us.



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  1. This is insanely funny and well done. Happy to have found your blog- congrats to you both!

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