I’m not really a cadillac guy. Call me simple minded but growing up, my dream vehicle was a soft top Jeep Wrangler. Then I graduated, entered the real world of nonprofit salaries- and suddenly a fuel efficient Honda never looked so good.

But today, I’m interested in a Cadillac, at least for a test drive. A huge thank you to one of our readers and fellow miles and points nerds Brian who emailed to tell me about this: Cadillac has paired up with American Airlines and you can earn 7,500 miles just for test driving one. You read that right: Test Drive a Cadillac to Earn 7,500 American Airlines AAdvantage Miles!

How? The full details are here but we’ve got it simplified for you below:

1. Consider if you really want this deal. No such thing as a free meal right? You’ll remember that when a car salesman is ringing every hour on the hour to get you to buy the car. So consider if it is worth it or have a good plan of evasion.

2. Call 844-469-2234 to schedule your test drive. The wait times are reportedly insane, so hopefully it will be better in a few days, if the deal is still around.

3. Drive your Caddy then wait 4-6 weeks for the miles to post. If, like me, a Caddy is out of your price range- really enjoy that test drive. If a Caddy is in your price range, well, you might get a nice 7.5k bonus… of AAdvantage miles.

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