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Calling All Teachers and Students Who Like to Travel (Student and Teacher Travel Grants)

Are you a teacher or a student? Check. Have an itch to travel to parts of the world that are hard to get to? Check. Want to do it for free? Check. Then we’ve got two opportunities you’ve got to check out! 

One of our readers passed along this great opportunity and she was right, it was too good not to write about! We all know that there’s chances for teachers to do cool things with their vocation. You can teach English anywhere from China to Ecuador. You can work on a study abroad cruise ship like Semester at Sea.  Or, you can win a Grosvenor Teacher Fellow, and with the support of National Geographic, travel to exotic places like Greenland, the Arctic, the Galapagos, and more! So if you’re in the market for teacher travel grants, check it out!

Want to find out more (and possibly be in a cool photo like this)?

Photograph by Susan Seubert and it can be found on the National Geographic Education Blog

The other opportunity is one of my favorite, as it’s been an annual thing since 2006. Nick Kristof, a Pulitzer Prize Journalist, reporter for the New York Times, and co-author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide has released details on his annual “Win a trip with Nick Kristof” contest. And it looks enticing as always. You’ve got to be an undergrad or grad student (no teachers this year- sorry!). You must be willing to “rough it” to put it lightly. And you better come to the table with some creative ideas and a unique voice.

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  1. Did I miss it? The opportunities for a student to work on a cruise ship?

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