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British Airways Holiday Sale- Free Hotel in Europe With Your Flight

In 2012, we traveled to Israel and Jordan. Along the way, we managed to make a stopover in the European country I was most excited to finally visit: Spain. Not only did the tickets somehow come out to be cheaper once we added the stopover, British Airways also had a special sale going where we got two free nights in Madrid, which helped us avoid getting gouged. It also didn’t hurt that some of our best European flight experiences have been on British Airways, and that BA is part of OneWorld meaning as AAdvantage Platinum members, we earn AA miles with BA.

This guy in Madrid wasn’t able to avoid gouging however.

It was a little less than 72 hours of museums, museums, museums for us. Laura enjoyed the Reina Sofia, I enjoyed the Real Madrid stadium (technically listed as a museum on our museum card, making me sound much more sophisticated).

Closest I’ll ever get to center pitch seats in my life

British Airways is at it again, with the “British Airways Holiday Sale” offering two nights free stay if you book a transatlantic flight with them. But like all good deals, this one is both limited and set to expire. If you’re interested in exploring cities like Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh or Manchester, and you want two free nights, pay close attention: We’re about to tell you how to get them. 

To take advantage of this deal, there are a few important things to consider:

1. You have until December 8th 11:59 pm EST to book your flights and flights must be transatlantic and some variation of roundtrip (you must cross the pond twice with BA, but you can have stopovers in the process!).

2. Your travel must be between now and March 31st, 2015.

3. You can only get your two free nights in one of these fine European cities: London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh, or Manchester.

4. Double occupancy is presumed. So book two tickets, get two nights. Book one ticket, get one night.

If you want the full scoop, read the fine print.

How to book

Like most things on the British Airways website, it’s not exactly straightforward. But the long and the short of it is this:

1. Select your tickets on and click to agree on the terms and conditions.

2. On the next page you should have an option to “Add to your flights” and so you’ll “Add a hotel to your booking” and most important yet, click “see all hotels.” British Airways Hotel

3. Now, as you scroll through the options, look for two things: If you’re only searching for two nights with your two tickets or one night with your one ticket, a price that reads $0.00! In addition, or if you’re booking more than the free nights, look for the magic words: ” 2 free nights included in the price.” Free hotel British Airways

4. Select one of the free hotels, and continue on with your booking.

This is a great way to see some wonderful European cities. And like we said earlier, we’re big fans of British Airways. They offer great service, wonderful airline lounges, and top notch entertainment and we usually find pretty competitive prices, even without awesome deals like these!

So if you know someone looking to travel to Europe in the next few months, OR you know someone who should be looking to travel to Europe in the next few months, share this post with them!

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  1. Patrick, you’re a life saver. We’re looking at a trip to visit loved ones in London and we always just book Virgin. How does BA compare? This deal might tempt us to book BA instead.

  2. Peter, they’re both good airlines obviously. I like British Airways a lot. I get my AA miles, the product is reliable, etc…

    I am actually dealing with their team on a customer service issue at the moment so I guess that will be a good test to report back on. So far, they’ve been very responsive and if they resolve the issue as they’ve promised they will, well, I’m obviously a happy camper. Issues come up when you travel, so I’m less interested in finding the unicorn airline that has no issues and more interested in the airlines that resolve their issues quickly and reliably.

    Is there a big fare difference between BA and Virgin? And are you looking to fly anyone else?

    I’ll keep you updated! -)

  3. Thanks for the quick reply! BA seems to be slightly higher, we’re also looking at AA. Would love to hear if they pass the customer service test because despite wanting to get AA miles, we go with Virgin BECAUSE we love their customer service. So keep me updated amigo!


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