Our friends who are travel obsessed also seem to be obsessed with Fitbit. Back before a recall, I had a Fitbit and was a pretty big fan. I am a sucker for gamification, and so would often walk up and down the hallway late at night just to hit that stupid 10,000 step milestone everyday.  Then Fitbit recalled the device I was using, and I forgot all about my 10,000 steps, silent alarm clock (truly awesome to not wake up to noise) and more.

Well Fitbit has rolled out some new devices. If you had a Fitbit and returned it, they probably tried to lure you into buying the device direct from their website, enticing you to click with a 15% discount for customers who had a device they returned with the recall. And tempting as that may be, we’ve got some good news: If you’re in the market to buy a Fitbit before January 29, 2015, we’re able to get you a better deal. Get a Fitbit Charge for $100. No joke, it’s possible! 

Skip the Fitbit website. That 15% is nice, but not nearly as nice as some of the other opportunities that exist. If you read our review of the REI Co-Op Jackets, you know we’re pretty big fans of REI. And until January 29th, REI is running a promotion that allows you to save more money than Fitbit is offering. To get maximum benefit from this deal, here’s what you need:

1. You need to be an REI member. Lifetime membership costs $20 and you get 10% back (via an annual dividend) on your purchases, a generous return policy (read: You can return anything, anytime) and special member discounts.

2. Use Upromise. If you have a Sallie Mae student loan or high yield savings, Upromise is a great cash back shopping portal we use on everything from hotels.com (5% back on every purchase) to Target, REI, and other department stores! If you don’t use Upromise, not to worry, you can still save money, check out evreward for earning opportunities on REI purchases with Ultimate Rewards, Marriott, and more.

The Fitbit Charge retails for $129.95. After taxes for us in California, the price comes out to be about $141 out of pocket. So how do you get it down to just over $100?

1. Navigate to Upromise and sign in to your account. Search for REI and you’ll see there is an offer for 5% back on all REI purchases. That takes $6.50 off the total price. But we also have a high yield Upromise Savings account (0.80% APY as of publication) setup so that we receive a 10% annual bonus on all purchases through the Upromise portal. So that’s another $0.65 of savings!

2. When you buy anything at REI, you get 10% of it back in the form of an annual dividend at the end of the year. So expect to save $13.00 there. Your total savings so far are $20.15REI Dividend Fitbit


3. Currently, REI is running a great promotion. Spend over $100, get a $20 onetime use gift card that can be used at any REI between February 1-11, 2015.  But, like the dividend savings, you have to be a member to take advantage of this deal.Total savings: $$40.15. When you go to checkout, you’ll see it in your cart.

Get $20 bonus card REI

4. Shipping is free for purchases over $50. If you want the item more quickly, there’s also free in store pickup.

So at the end of the day, an item that is selling for $129.95 retail is yours for $101.50. That’s not a bad deal if you ask us. And if you’re in a state with lower taxes than us, you’re talking a Fitbit for under $100 after taxes!

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