The other day I made a wise and affordable investment: I put down $39 and bought an Amazon Fire Stick. I already have an Apple TV that I’m (mostly) happy with. So why add another streaming device? On one hand, I like the ease with which I can access Amazon Prime. While I love Netflix, Amazon Prime has added some good and unique content I can’t normally access on Netflix. I’m talking The Good Wife, Catastrophe (which is funny as hell by the way), Covert Affairs, The Americans, Bosch, and Alpha House to name but a few shows I may soon be digging. Sound like a lot? Don’t judge, I’ve got tons of late night hours to invest in rocking a child back to sleep.

But the real reason for buying an Amazon Fire Stick goes deeper, and is much more important to fellow travelers, especially if you ever stay in a hotel. In March Amazon made a HUGE software update that works in all of our favor:

The Fire Stick now comes with “captive portal” access. Breaking the jargon down, what this means is so simple yet for many readers profoundly cool: You can now use your Fire Stick in most college dorms AND hotels because it’s now moreuser friendly withwifi authentication.

For those times when your hotel room beckons you not to leave and explore the city, the Fire Stick can be VERY handy!

And as an added bonus to any frisky readers- our Fire Stick would have also been valuable to use in one more place: The hospital. Funny enough though, at that time Laura didn’t really feel like tinkering around with it.

So the next time you’re traveling, you can bring the tiny Fire Stick with you and assuming you’ve got free and decent wifi (not always a given with hotels of course) you can plug the Fire Stick into your hotel room TV HDMI port and instantly have access to your own library of entertainment from Netflix, Amazon Instant, Spotify, Pandora, and more!

While there are some hacks workarounds reported out there for ChromeCast and the Roku Stick, as of publication, the Fire Stick is the only mini streaming device that makes it so simple to use in hotels!

So if you travel and sometimes like to unwind with a favorite TV show or music station, what are you waiting for? Buy a Fire Stick today!

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