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AFAR Magazine Free Subscription Giveaway!

Note: We’re giving away two one year subscriptions to AFAR Magazine. To enter comment on our Facebook page, retweet us, sign up for our email list, or comment on this blog. Winning is easy, and the magazine is hands down the best travel magazine out there in our humble opinions!

So Laura and I love a few things:

1. Travel

2. Each other.

3. Great food.

4. High quality reading material.

And probably in that order. #DontJudge

So if you asked us to name our favorite magazines in the world, the list would look like this:


2. Time

3. The Economist

4. ESPN the Magazine

5. National Geographic Traveler

And actually, when I asked Laura for her favorite magazines, she cocked her head to the side, rubbed her pregnant belly, and said “I like Time.” Then she confessed: “I don’t read a lot of magazines” and so she sat down in front of her computer to research magazines she likes.

She’s still there. I want to save you the time (get it) and this is a travel blog, so we’re going to bypass The Economist and ESPN, painful as that may be, and skip to what matters most here and now: AFAR Magazine, because we’re giving away a couple of subscriptions ! Want to win? It’s easy!

Magazine cover for a recent issue of AFAR. Amazing- right?

AFAR was launched in 2009. Kind of a bad time to launch a print magazine you would think. And yet, it’s flourished. And here’s why: The articles are creative and witty. The photos take your breath away. And the cover, well damn, these people know how to design a cover that pulls you in.

And so the magazine has quickly vaulted to our favorite. We actually had a chance to re-up at a great deal for 2 years and thought- why the hell not.

Trouble is, AFAR is somewhat small. And you know, when you find something great, you want to do nothing more than two things:

1. Share it.

2. Get credit for sharing said greatness so all your friends (and readers) know how hip and cool you are.

With our favorite magazine (congrats to Patrick for managing not to blink in this photo).

With our favorite magazine (congrats to Patrick for managing not to blink in this photo).

And so we’re giving away a couple one year subscriptions to AFAR. Want to win? It’s simple!

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Each of those earn you one entry. We’ll pick a winner on Thursday! And that’s it. We love AFAR and we want to share that love with other people who are as obsessed with travel as we are!

The usual disclosure business: We’ve got no affiliation with AFAR, and no money to be made on this. No gimmicks, no nada, truly just two nerds trying to give away something they love which in this case is an awesome magazine subscription worth $20 each. Thanks for following along! We hope whoever wins enjoys their AFAR Magazine free subscription.

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  1. Dude your posts always crack me up. I hope you got Laura to approve this post before you sent it out to the world… 🙂 Either way, I want to win! So magazine suggestion for Laura: Good Magazine is coming back, you guys should check it out.

    • Ha thanks Tommy. Post is Laura approved. She laughed which I took as approval. And we used to subscribe to Good. I didn’t realize it was coming back!

  2. You may have already read it but one of my favorites that I like to read again every now and then is “Man’s Search For Meaning,” by Viktor Frankl (165 pgs). It’s a great memoir of his spiritual survival and experiences in Auschwitz. It explores the persistence that when we have a ‘why,’ we can survive any ‘how.’

    “But there was no need to be ashamed of tears, for tears bore witness that a man had the greatest of courage, the courage to suffer.” ~Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl

  3. My wife Maria and I picked up a copy of AFAR when passing through SFO recently and loved it. I was used to all the Conde Naste style promotional travel magazines but this was real journalism and the photos were so cool.

    Hope we win, we’ll put it to good use!

  4. Only recently discovered AFAR while stuck in Lambert International in St. Louis. Picked up the Copenhagen copy and really enjoyed it!

    On a different note–have either of you done any travelling in Croatia? Considering an international friends trip in 2016 and Croatia is on the list of possible countries to explore. Still tossing around ideas at this point!

  5. If you are looking for inspiration or a reason we should never complain about anything try Left to Tell. It is a book about one woman’s survival story during the genocide in Rwanda.

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