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Travel Give Aways! We’re Giving Away Free Stuff to Start Your Week Right!

Everyone loves a long weekend, but nobody loves to go back to work AFTER a long weekend, right?

We feel your pain. And so we want to do what we can to make the upcoming week a little more exciting for you!

While it not be a day off, we’ve got a bunch of giveaways for the travel obsessed! Want to win?  Continue reading

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Travel News You Can Use: Bonus Hilton Points, Best/Worst Airlines and Airports for Fast Flights, Learn to take Great Travel Photos, and Why You Should Use RouteHappy

From time to time, we come across some travel stories that we really want to share with our fellow travel nerds. And man, this week was a good one. I’m in Cordoba, Argentina at the moment. It’s a city of historic buildings, great food, and wonderful culture!  

“The Jesuit Block” a place Pope Francis briefly called home

 It’s a city many people miss on their tours of Argentina, and yet one I love, except on days like today… It’s 34 degrees outside.  

 And after a long day outside on a cold southern hemisphere winter day, I couldn’t wait to come back to the hotel and write about these great deals! So what do we have?

We’ve got hard data on the best and worst airlines AND airports when we’re trying to avoid annoying and costly delays. We’ve got a sleek tool to help you find which flight options have everything from wifi and in flight entertainment to power outlets. And we’ve got something I think we could all enjoy: A detailed but simple tutorial from one of our favorite travel bloggers on how to take great photos when you’re on the road.  Continue reading

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5 Great Books About North Korea

We all have our weird interests in life, and I’m of course no different. Over the years I’ve noticed there is one place in the world where when I see an article or a news story about it, I stop whatever I am doing to absorb it. It’s not one of the countries I lived in, or even one of the countries I dream of living in. No, it’s a place that both baffles and horrifies: North Korea. For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with reading and learning about North Korea. To the point where I once researched if it would be possible for me to get an advanced degree studying the hermit kingdom.

And so over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the country. I’ve watched the Vice episode and many more shows about the country. I read with fascination reports about a fire in the ever popular Koryo hotel, and wondered if that meant North Korea would at last have to open the (in)famous Ryugyong hotel, a 105 story hotel in the center of Pyongyang, that’s been under construction since 1987. Nope, that’s not a typo. Article headlines like “Did North Korea Kidnap an American Hiker in China” grab your attention. The fake Twitter accounts KimJongNumberUn and DPRK_News are both amusing and, if you follow North Korea enough, deceptive enough to almost seem like something North Korea would really publish.

And so one can’t help but be fascinated by this country. How does it function? What is life like in it? And of course, one way to get some glimpse into those answers is through books. So what are my five favorite books about North Korea?  Continue reading

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The Future of Airline Cabins, Craft Beer in Tijuana, and the Death of Summer Vacation. What We Are Reading This Week

From time to time, we find articles and stories too good to pass up. And this week is no different. Craft beer in TJ, the death of summer vacation for Americans, a glimpse into the future of flying, and a horrifying graphic that begs an important question for world soccer: How many poor migrants must die in order for Qatar to construct stadiums to host the World Cup?  Continue reading

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First Friday: Earn 3x a Dollar Today Dining Out.

Debating whether to dine out tonight or not? Well, if you’re like us and you don’t want to cook, you don’t want to clean dishes, and you do want to earn BONUS points on your meal out, today is the best day of the month to splurge. Why? Because if you have the right credit card, you earn more for your spend! Continue reading

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A Defense of One of the Most Underrated European Cities

Europe is a big place. Obvious point I know. And yet, for my American friends in particular, Europe can get boxed into a very small space that consists mainly of Paris, Rome, and London. And let’s be real here: Rome is horribly overrated.

And there’s one city I LOVE more than any other in Europe, and when I say it is my favorite, opinion is always strongly divided. Some people love it and get excited someone else sees it the same way, but by and large people strongly disagree with me on it. But here is the interesting thing: The people who often disagree most strongly, have never ever stepped foot in the city because they often think of one thing and one thing only when they think of the city: Continue reading

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AirTrain JFK ShortCut: The Secret Airport Employees Use

We know many of our readers travel through JFK fairly frequently. And so I was surprised in talking with some friends from New York the other day to learn what I thought was common knowledge was in fact mind-blowing to said group of friends. If you travel to JFK, you most likely use either Metro or the LIRR to get close to the airport, before taking the AirTrain into the terminals. And if you’re in terminals 6-8, and don’t want to wait for the train to go ALL THE WAY AROUND the airport, we’ve got a simple secret that will save time and stress.

The secret is simple. Once you enter the AirTrain, you’ll take it first to Federal Circle, aka the car rental spot. The next spot is terminal 1, then 2, and so on. If you’re in terminals 6-8, the secret is pretty simple, and yet I noticed on my most recent trip used almost exclusively by the airport employees only.

If you want to save time, do this:

1. When the train reaches terminal 1, get out.

2. Walk across to wait at the other track. You’ll notice on the screens that those trains aren’t going back to Jamaica or Federal Circle. Instead, you’re now waiting for an internal terminal train only. And so next stop from terminal 1? Terminal 8.

 It’s a simple secret to be sure, but one that saves us a lot of time when we’re waiting for a flight on American in terminal 8, or any of the airlines in terminals 6-8.

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Our 10 Best Coffee Shops in Los Angeles

I was going through Google Analytics the other day and pretty excited to see that one of our most read posts is about what do around LAX on a layover or delay. Another popular post was our guide to ethical eating in Los Angeles. Looking to eat good and do good? Then that post is for you! And it got us thinking: While we know a lot about travel, we also know a hell of a lot about a place near and dear to our heart: Los Angeles. Oh I know, you think Los Angeles is nothing but traffic, fake people, and Hollywood. While that’s all here, that’s only a fraction of the story that is LA. LA, arrogant as it may sound, is a city for people in the know. You have to dedicate your love to it and when you do, it loves you back. I could go on in cheesy clichés, but the reality as it pertains to this post is this: LA has some damn good coffee, and if you’re drinking Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or Peet’s Coffee, in the words of a 1980’s hero of mine Mr. T, I pity the fool…

So you’re in LA. Maybe you’re in downtown. Perhaps Santa Monica or one of the Playas. You’re looking for third wave coffee. No matter where you are in this great city of ours, we’ve got coffee that will rock your socks, and have you flippantly talk with disdain about Starbucks.  Want to know where to get the best and most unique cups of Joe?  Continue reading

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Getting Homesick When Traveling

I’m homesick. I think there’s probably some commandment about places travel bloggers aren’t supposed to go. I mean, it does sound a bit pretentious when I say things like “But I don’t want to go to Africa for the third time in six months” or “my back is just so messed up from all the international travel I’ve had as of late.”  

Simons Town Quayside Hotel. Complaining about so much travel with views like these makes it even more obnoxious to complain!

But here’s a bit of truth: By June 1, the total mileage I will have flown since January 1 will be just over 80,000 miles. To give perspective, that’s like LA to New York, round-trip, more than 16 times. Continue reading

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The Most Romantic European Getways For Young Couples

Note: One of the joys of traveling is meeting other travelers. So it goes with travel blogging and writing that a joy of doing this work is meeting other people who write about travel! We were fortunate to connect with Mary Davis, a freelance writer who offered to write a post on her recent experience about great places to travel for young couples interested in a little bit of romance. Enjoy!

Looking for a romantic getaway? Want a special location for a very special occasion? Europe offers some of the best romantic getaways for young couples on the planet. Here are my top 5 destinations:  Continue reading

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