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Flyer Talk Furlong

Note: The posts here have been a lot less frequent as of late. You may have noticed. What can I say, being a new dad is at once exhausting as well as awesome, and I find myself putting more and more of my time to hanging out with the little homie, or sleeping. Somehow, the two of those loves have yet to go hand in hand. But soon enough, we’ll increase the posts, and we’ve got a few good ones on our front burner:

1. A review of the Avianca LifeMiles program, for people looking to ditch United’s program. 

2. How to survive a LOOOONG delay with an infant. A recent trip to Chicago where we were delayed 2 hours from boarding and then on the tarmac an additional 4 hours has really helped us hone in our skills on that one.

3. We’ll have hotel reviews from two places we loved, and a few tools for beginners features coming out.

So thanks for kicking it with us and letting us enjoy time being a new family! Stay tuned for more. 

Flyer Talk Furlong. Of all the sometimes questionable nicknames I’ve been given by friends and loved ones in life, this is perhaps my favorite. Not long after college, I got into the idea of traveling on the cheap. When the coupon clipper in me met the miles and points game, there was no turning back. I was hooked on the large savings, and the chance to really take advantage of certain luxuries I would never ever dare pay for.

Over the years, I’ve gotten in on some pretty great deals. I’ve flown across the world on mistake fares. I’ve stayed in luxurious hotels people like me have no business being in. And I’ve transformed from a twenty year old who had visited two countries to someone who in his early 30’s stopped counting after visiting 40_+ countries. And yet, in my many travels and with my many tricks, I’ve never, ever achieved one of the things I desired most. Until now! Continue reading

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Year In Review: Top Five Lessons Learned in 2015

It’s the end of the year. Holiday music has given away to the top whatever of 2015 lists, and we’re all caught up in the mood. In this house, things are no different. What a year it’s been. New places visited, long-awaited returns to some old stomping grounds, a bunch of miles flown, oh, and the whole bringing new life into the world which occurred about half way through it all. We’ve seen some cool new sights, learned a lot of new tricks, and have a memory or two we much rather not have had. 😉  Continue reading

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Last Minute Travel Gifts

So you procrastinated and procrastinated and now here we are, a few short days from Christmas and you don’t have any good gifts for the special traveler in your life. If this is you, fear not- we’ve got gift ideas to help you out! Looking for travel related gifts before Christmas? Here’s what we suggest!  Continue reading

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Ignatian Solidarity Network Teach In: 10 Years Later

What is it you believe? Caminando, caminando. What matters most in this world? Caminando, caminando.  Continue reading

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What We’re Reading This Week: A Taste of the Sacred and Profound

From time to time, we love to share great reads we’ve found elsewhere. Often times they’re amazing tips and tricks to really take advantage of a great deal. Sometimes they’re just quirky articles that highlight the WTF of travel. But sometimes, it feels like beautiful travel prose finds us left and right. This is one of those weeks. These articles stirred our imaginations. They made us restless with the biggest questions in life. And they brought a few tears to our eyes. In the midst of your busy life, you’d do well to take 5-10 minutes to really soak these articles up, that much I am sure of.  Continue reading

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Using Netflix Abroad: A Surprise Benefit

I’ve become hooked on The Good Wife. #DontJudge. There’s just one problem: The Good Wife isn’t on Netflix. Or so I thought…  Continue reading

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What we’re reading this week: What does your zip code say about you? 8 charts predicting global airfare in 2016, and more!

It’s been an unusually busy week for us this week. Our first child was born and to the surprise of no parents out there I can confirm we’ve learned a few things the hard way:

1. Sleep is indeed a luxury, you can survive with very little of it. Nonetheless, I miss it greatly.

2. People post weird things on social media between 2 am and 4 am. You also hear some really strange conversations outside your apartment door at that time of day.

3. When changing a diaper, put something over your child’s penis, otherwise he might… Well, Laura can tell you more about this as soon as she gets out of the shower.

But lots of time soothing a crying child means little time to write, but tons of time to read. And we’ve read some cool stuff this week. 8 charts that predict global airfare in 2016?!?! Where will it be cheap to travel, and where will prices rise? What’s your zip code say about you? A cool map that tells you about trends, income, demographics, and more! So where should you travel and where should you live? Great reads at 3 am this morning!  Continue reading

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Mine to Love: Our First Child Was Born This Week

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on beauty. The question was provoked by this video I show at a lot of my public speaking engagements, where one of the young women poses the following questions:

“What are these fundamental experiences of beauty and what do they say about how we’re supposed to live our lives and how we’re supposed to respond to them?” And with the birth of my son, these questions are racing through my mind.  Continue reading

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Reminder: Fandango Buy One Get One Free Movie Tickets Today

It’s Friday. Which in the summer translates into Fandango buy one get one free movie tickets with your Visa Signature. It’s been hot and humid in LA, and so the idea of going to a cool theater and chilling out excites us.

Remember the simple but important rules you need to know in order to get the buy one get one free promo from Fandango: Continue reading

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T-Mobile Mexico and Canada News: How’s Fast and Free Work For You?

We’re big fans of our mobile carrier T-Mobile. We’ve had a chance to talk to the CEO and he’s simply disrupting the mobile phone market as we know it. We wrote about all of this when we did a review of T-Mobile, but the simple facts are this:

1. T-Mobile provides free text and (low-speed) data in about 120 countries.

2. Streaming music doesn’t count against your data.

3. You can use T-Mobile to text in the sky on Boingo for your next flight.

4. T-Mobile is cheap. Dirt cheap.

But they decided that wasn’t enough. And now there is big news for any of you who ever travel OR call/text to Mexico or Canada. And while it won’t cost you anything to add this service, there is one important thing to note: You have to know how to opt in. What’s the great deal and how do you get it?  Continue reading

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