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Why I’m a Card Carrying (Millennial) Member of the AARP

For any of my friends with European wanderlust, I tell them to join AARP. That’s right- Laura and I are card-carrying members of the American Association for Retired People. Aside from getting interesting newsletters about Medicare- we get a benefit that blows all other travel benefits out of the water, at least for us. And here’s the thing: Everyone always thinks you have to be of a certain age to join AARP but the reality is that anyone can sign up for membership. It’s $16 a year, and it might just save you $800 off your next flight across the pond! How?  Continue reading

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Using Amazon Fire Stick in a Hotel: Our Newest Must Have Travel Gadget

The other day I made a wise and affordable investment: I put down $39 and bought an Amazon Fire Stick. I already have an Apple TV that I’m (mostly) happy with. So why add another streaming device? On one hand, I like the ease with which I can access Amazon Prime. While I love Netflix, Amazon Prime has added some good and unique content I can’t normally access on Netflix. I’m talking The Good Wife, Catastrophe (which is funny as hell by the way), Covert Affairs, The Americans, Bosch, and Alpha House to name but a few shows I may soon be digging. Sound like a lot? Don’t judge, I’ve got tons of late night hours to invest in rocking a child back to sleep.

But the real reason for buying an Amazon Fire Stick goes deeper, and is much more important to fellow travelers, especially if you ever stay in a hotel. In March Amazon made a HUGE software update that works in all of our favor: Continue reading

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First Trip With Baby: The Balloon Fiesta. Total Cost? You’ll Be Surprised

It’s official- he’s not even here yet, but as far as American Airlines is concerned he is. First trip with baby has been decided! Today, Laura and I put the finishing touches on our first trip as a family of three: Albuquerque here we come. Why Albuquerque?

1. The Balloon Fiesta. I could try to explain it at length, but suffice it to say this for now:

Just a typical October day in Albuquerque

2. Our first flight will be a relatively quick one: Under two hours. Poco a poco, we’ll do our best to build him up to even longer flights.

3. Oh, did I mention 550 of these taking off a day while we chow down on Christmas style breakfast burritos? 

But here’s the real kicker: Prices go sky high in Balloon Fiesta season in Albuquerque. So had did I get airfare, four nights accommodation, and a rental car all for under $900? A few simple tips can help you plan a trip like this, even during a cities peak travel season, AND save A TON of money.  Continue reading

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Starwood American Express Changes- Is It Still One of Our Favorite Cards?

American Express is making some big changes. Fresh off losing Jet Blue and Costco as co-branding partners, it looks like they’re trying to make their cards more attractive to more consumers. And with the changes recently announced, it sure looks like they’re at the very least turning heads. But we’ll leave it to you decide of the changes are good or bad. So should you get the Starwood Amex? We have a few thoughts on that.

But first, a big congrats to the two winners for our contest where we gave away two subscriptions to AFAR Magazine, our favorite travel magazine. So congrats to: Continue reading

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AFAR Magazine Free Subscription Giveaway!

Note: We’re giving away two one year subscriptions to AFAR Magazine. To enter comment on our Facebook page, retweet us, sign up for our email list, or comment on this blog. Winning is easy, and the magazine is hands down the best travel magazine out there in our humble opinions!

So Laura and I love a few things:

1. Travel

2. Each other.

3. Great food.

4. High quality reading material.

And probably in that order. #DontJudge

So if you asked us to name our favorite magazines in the world, the list would look like this:


2. Time

3. The Economist

4. ESPN the Magazine

5. National Geographic Traveler

And actually, when I asked Laura for her favorite magazines, she cocked her head to the side, rubbed her pregnant belly, and said “I like Time.” Then she confessed: “I don’t read a lot of magazines” and so she sat down in front of her computer to research magazines she likes.

She’s still there. I want to save you the time (get it) and this is a travel blog, so we’re going to bypass The Economist and ESPN, painful as that may be, and skip to what matters most here and now: AFAR Magazine, because we’re giving away a couple of subscriptions ! Want to win? It’s easy! Continue reading

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What Credit Cards Did I Just Get, and What Did I Dump?

Note: Laura and I do receive a commission for some of the links in our blog. You don’t have to do your business through our links, but we’re always grateful when you do!

It’s time to do a new round of credit card applications, and there’s no doubt which card I am most excited to get. I’ll give you a few hints:

  • It has no annual fee.
  • It comes with a free year of Amazon Prime.
  • It earns valuable points that can transfer to a number of airline and hotel loyalty programs, in addition to being used in other ways.

I’m pretty excited about the card, and you’re looking for a valuable no annual fee card, you should be too.  What is it? Continue reading

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Deal Alert: How to get a Fitbit Charge for $100 in January (Retail: $129.95)

Our friends who are travel obsessed also seem to be obsessed with Fitbit. Back before a recall, I had a Fitbit and was a pretty big fan. I am a sucker for gamification, and so would often walk up and down the hallway late at night just to hit that stupid 10,000 step milestone everyday.  Then Fitbit recalled the device I was using, and I forgot all about my 10,000 steps, silent alarm clock (truly awesome to not wake up to noise) and more.

Well Fitbit has rolled out some new devices. If you had a Fitbit and returned it, they probably tried to lure you into buying the device direct from their website, enticing you to click with a 15% discount for customers who had a device they returned with the recall. And tempting as that may be, we’ve got some good news: If you’re in the market to buy a Fitbit before January 29, 2015, we’re able to get you a better deal. Get a Fitbit Charge for $100. No joke, it’s possible!  Continue reading

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Calling All Teachers and Students Who Like to Travel (Student and Teacher Travel Grants)

Are you a teacher or a student? Check. Have an itch to travel to parts of the world that are hard to get to? Check. Want to do it for free? Check. Then we’ve got two opportunities you’ve got to check out!  Continue reading

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Friday Giveaway: Free 2 Night Stay at a Boutique Hotel in Manhattan

What a 24 hours we’re in for. First things first, we’ve got a big give away,our biggest (read: first) yet! If you want two nights for free at a boutique hotel in Manhattan, read on! Continue reading

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British Airways Holiday Sale- Free Hotel in Europe With Your Flight

In 2012, we traveled to Israel and Jordan. Along the way, we managed to make a stopover in the European country I was most excited to finally visit: Spain. Not only did the tickets somehow come out to be cheaper once we added the stopover, British Airways also had a special sale going where we got two free nights in Madrid, which helped us avoid getting gouged. It also didn’t hurt that some of our best European flight experiences have been on British Airways, and that BA is part of OneWorld meaning as AAdvantage Platinum members, we earn AA miles with BA.

This guy in Madrid wasn’t able to avoid gouging however.

It was a little less than 72 hours of museums, museums, museums for us. Laura enjoyed the Reina Sofia, I enjoyed the Real Madrid stadium (technically listed as a museum on our museum card, making me sound much more sophisticated).

Closest I’ll ever get to center pitch seats in my life

British Airways is at it again, with the “British Airways Holiday Sale” offering two nights free stay if you book a transatlantic flight with them. But like all good deals, this one is both limited and set to expire. If you’re interested in exploring cities like Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh or Manchester, and you want two free nights, pay close attention: We’re about to tell you how to get them.  Continue reading

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