At the root of it all, Laura and Patrick are a millennial couple, obsessed with travel. They met each other in Los Angeles, although her roots are from Boston, and his from Albuquerque (by way of Colorado).  She had moved out to LA after graduating from Harvard, and he promptly left the city that same year (without their paths crossing) after graduating from Loyola Marymount University. They met over the phone two years later–he standing in a cramped phone booth in Quito, Ecuador, and she sitting on the floor with a group of staff members in a cramped office in LA…interviewing him. Before he knew it, he was on his way back to Los Angeles, fresh off of two years volunteering in South America. And the two clashed immediately. Or, rather, their management styles clashed. Laura and Patrick battled over policies–sending sharply worded emails to each other over the staff list-serv, and butting heads over minor procedures. She was the status quo and he was the act-now-ask-questions-later rule-breaker. It wasn’t pretty at first. But then, curt emails turned to friendly messages over Blackberry Messenger, and before you knew it, Laura had asked Patrick out…over BBM. Que classy. View More: years, a brief one-week move to San Diego, multiple job transitions, a six-week trip through Asia, and many kisses (and small disagreements) later, they tied the knot. It goes without saying that they were more excited to plan their honeymoon travel than they were to plan the overall wedding.

About Laura

10400854_585094912941_8182_n Laura Furlong is assistant director for an education nonprofit in Los Angeles. Prior to this role, Laura was a school operations coordinator at KIPP Empower Academy, managing the day-to-day operations for this South LA charter elementary school. She has also been a program director at City Year Los Angeles and editor-in-chief of Let’s Go Publications. Laura has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Harvard University, where she was also a member of the women’s varsity rowing team. Laura loves rowing, and, although she’s now an Angeleno, still stays true to her lifelong love, the Boston Celtics!

About Patrick

DSC00795Patrick is passionate about the intersection of storytelling and social change.

Patrick believes in the importance of data and statistics, but he also knows that at the end of the day, it is the connection we feel to one another that moves us most strongly to act and make a positive and lasting difference in our communities. 

He works closely with college students, leading immersion trips that expose them to see the human story behind the social injustice in our midst, and to empower them to to realize their own capability to invest in the world and make a positive impact.

When he is not running immersion trips, you can find him blogging with his wife on the ins and outs of millennial travel at