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Month: July 2015

Mine to Love: Our First Child Was Born This Week

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on beauty. The question was provoked by this video I show at a lot of my public speaking engagements, where one of the young women poses the following questions:

“What are these fundamental experiences of beauty and what do they say about how we’re supposed to live our lives and how we’re supposed to respond to them?” And with the birth of my son, these questions are racing through my mind.  Continue reading

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Travel For Free? Here’s the Problem: Travel Isn’t Free. But…

It’s the email or Facebook message I get the most: What’s the best way to travel to (insert city of your dreams) for free?

And the answer is inevitably disappointing: In your dreams.

Because here is the deal, the real cold, hard truth: Travel isn’t free. No matter what Rolling Stone might have recently said. No matter what you hope. It just isn’t free.

But as one of my favorite bloggers Ben (coincidentally the subject of the Rolling Stone profile that inspired this post) says, getting into the travel game is about how to make this:

Business Class on a Qatar Airways 787 Dreamliner

Cheaper than this:

Economy is nice in the LAN 787 Dreamliner but let's not fool ourselves: It' not business or first class!

Economy is nice in the LAN 787 Dreamliner but let’s not fool ourselves: It’ not business or first class!

And that’s where simple strategies like these come into play!  Continue reading

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Reminder: Fandango Buy One Get One Free Movie Tickets Today

It’s Friday. Which in the summer translates into Fandango buy one get one free movie tickets with your Visa Signature. It’s been hot and humid in LA, and so the idea of going to a cool theater and chilling out excites us.

Remember the simple but important rules you need to know in order to get the buy one get one free promo from Fandango: Continue reading

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First Trip With Baby: The Balloon Fiesta. Total Cost? You’ll Be Surprised

It’s official- he’s not even here yet, but as far as American Airlines is concerned he is. First trip with baby has been decided! Today, Laura and I put the finishing touches on our first trip as a family of three: Albuquerque here we come. Why Albuquerque?

1. The Balloon Fiesta. I could try to explain it at length, but suffice it to say this for now:

Just a typical October day in Albuquerque

2. Our first flight will be a relatively quick one: Under two hours. Poco a poco, we’ll do our best to build him up to even longer flights.

3. Oh, did I mention 550 of these taking off a day while we chow down on Christmas style breakfast burritos? 

But here’s the real kicker: Prices go sky high in Balloon Fiesta season in Albuquerque. So had did I get airfare, four nights accommodation, and a rental car all for under $900? A few simple tips can help you plan a trip like this, even during a cities peak travel season, AND save A TON of money.  Continue reading

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T-Mobile Mexico and Canada News: How’s Fast and Free Work For You?

We’re big fans of our mobile carrier T-Mobile. We’ve had a chance to talk to the CEO and he’s simply disrupting the mobile phone market as we know it. We wrote about all of this when we did a review of T-Mobile, but the simple facts are this:

1. T-Mobile provides free text and (low-speed) data in about 120 countries.

2. Streaming music doesn’t count against your data.

3. You can use T-Mobile to text in the sky on Boingo for your next flight.

4. T-Mobile is cheap. Dirt cheap.

But they decided that wasn’t enough. And now there is big news for any of you who ever travel OR call/text to Mexico or Canada. And while it won’t cost you anything to add this service, there is one important thing to note: You have to know how to opt in. What’s the great deal and how do you get it?  Continue reading

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News You Can Use: Passport Tips Edition

First, a huge congrats to the winners of our contest from last week: Anthony G, Sayda S, Michael B, John T, and Hillary R! We’ll get in touch with you to get the best address to send your item to!

I love my passport. I am sure many a traveler would agree. Passports serve a very practical purpose, but of course we know they’re more than that. For many of us, it might be the only book that documents our experience. Sitting with an old passport and flipping through the faded stamps bring back memories that refuse to fade.

Creative Commons: hjl

Creative Commons: hjl

Fascinating Passport Website

And so I was engrossed in a very cool website a reader sent me the other day. Ever wondered what every single passport cover looks like? Curious how your passport “ranks” in terms of how many countries it gets you into without the need for a visa? There’s one webpage that has the passports of the world organized by geography and rank, and it’s by far the coolest website I have visited in the past week!  Continue reading

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Travel Give Aways! We’re Giving Away Free Stuff to Start Your Week Right!

Everyone loves a long weekend, but nobody loves to go back to work AFTER a long weekend, right?

We feel your pain. And so we want to do what we can to make the upcoming week a little more exciting for you!

While it not be a day off, we’ve got a bunch of giveaways for the travel obsessed! Want to win?  Continue reading

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