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Month: June 2015

(Another) Letter To My Son: What If You’re Gay? Thoughts After the Supreme Court Ruling

Note: I’ve been in a bit of a writers block these last few weeks. And the other day I sat down to write an article to my son on Father’s Day. It was one of those moments where in 10 minutes, everything I hoped could be put to paper was. When we learned we were going to have a baby, I wrote my first letter to my son in the midst of our frantic travel (telling him what we hoped he learned from each place we traveled to). That’s when I first learned that he is this beautiful inspiration for me to break free of my writers block and share a bit of who I am beyond the travel tips and advice with readers of this blog. With the decision from the Supreme Court, I felt the same way. I was scrolling through Facebook for a good hour liking every post I could that affirmed the dignity of so many of my friends, and I felt a need to document it. And the most meaningful way to do that, was a letter to my son. So two letters in one week? And is this travel related? Yes and no. The values that make up my life are intertwined with the values derived from travel. But more than anything, I see this blog being about travel first and foremost, life as a millennial second. I imagine many a millennial friend with kids or kids on the way have thought about what this decision by the Supreme Court will mean for their families. And so we write about it. To those of you so deeply impacted by the decision from the Supreme Court: We are so damn happy for you today. 

What if you’re gay? What if you don’t feel free to fully embrace who you are?  Continue reading

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My Favorite MLK Memorial Quotes in Washington D.C.

Note: I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now. And with everything that happened in Charleston last week I, like many of you, have a heavy heart and are trying to figure out how to respond. And I think we respond in a few ways:

1. We mourn the loss of life, we honor the lives and impact of those taken from us. We root our anger first and foremost in the sadness it is born from.

2. We ask tough questions and face tough realities. We ask why Americans are so reluctant to call mass shootings by white shooters what they are- terrorist acts.. Let’s call it what it is because to do anything else, to me, is a form of racism in itself. We demand the Confederate Flag be removed. We say to hell with “politics” and have people on both sides of the aisle address why events like this seem to happen again and again in our great country, and very rarely elsewhere in other advanced nations.

3. We honor those who have made and continue to fight for a more just and loving society. And so in a way, my “fuck you” to the racist terrorist attack of last week is to spend some time reflecting on the words of a man I admire greatly: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And so my “fuck you” isn’t directed toward the 21 year old who has confessed to these crimes. It’s to what these crimes stand for. It’s a rejection that racism will always haunt us and that mass shootings are the new norm in America.

I don’t propose this will somehow end racism or bring back the lives lost in Charleston. But it is one small way to light a candle, stare very intentionally into the eyes of that terrorist and the evil act of racism he committed, and as one strong community say “Your hate will not win. Our love will prevail.” Dr. King was fighting this battle over 50 years ago. Progress has been made and for that we celebrate. And yet, we’re still called into the trenches still today. More than ever in fact.  Continue reading

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Dispatch from the Road: A Letter to my Son on Father’s Day

I bought you a stuffed animal today. I’ve started doing this nerdy thing that I think is driving your mother insane even though she won’t admit it. I buy you a gift from every place that I travel to. I know, I know…. You’re not even here yet. You, what you are to me is a small kick or punch I feel when I’m holding your mom. Whenever I see you, I don’t really see you. The doctor and your mom giggle and talk amongst each other: “do you see that leg there?” and I pretend I do, but I don’t. I think they caught on that I knew nothing of what I was talking about a few months ago when I asked if a round object on the ultrasound was your head, and the doctor rather politely and with very little judgement said “Umm, no, that’s actually just the placenta.” Well, damn.

And so why am I buying you gifts? Continue reading

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Travel News You Can Use: Bonus Hilton Points, Best/Worst Airlines and Airports for Fast Flights, Learn to take Great Travel Photos, and Why You Should Use RouteHappy

From time to time, we come across some travel stories that we really want to share with our fellow travel nerds. And man, this week was a good one. I’m in Cordoba, Argentina at the moment. It’s a city of historic buildings, great food, and wonderful culture!  

“The Jesuit Block” a place Pope Francis briefly called home

 It’s a city many people miss on their tours of Argentina, and yet one I love, except on days like today… It’s 34 degrees outside.  

 And after a long day outside on a cold southern hemisphere winter day, I couldn’t wait to come back to the hotel and write about these great deals! So what do we have?

We’ve got hard data on the best and worst airlines AND airports when we’re trying to avoid annoying and costly delays. We’ve got a sleek tool to help you find which flight options have everything from wifi and in flight entertainment to power outlets. And we’ve got something I think we could all enjoy: A detailed but simple tutorial from one of our favorite travel bloggers on how to take great photos when you’re on the road.  Continue reading

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5 Unique Father’s Day Gifts for Travel

Father’s Day around the corner, and this one is a bit interesting for me: Laura’s pregnant, and due in about a month. We announced this back in February when we wrote a “Letter to My Unborn Child” sharing what we hope he might gleam from his own travels, 9 countries he’s joined us in, all before he’s ever born.

But days like Father’s Day are always fun, because we’ve all got someone we can recognize and honor. Could be our own dads, a person who served as an unofficial father figure, or a brother, cousin, or dear friend who is a new dad. And so what better way to honor the important dad in your life than with a cool travel related gift. If you haven’t figured something out, fear not, we’ve got 5 unique gifts for the traveling dad we can’t wait to share with you!  Continue reading

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5 Great Books About North Korea

We all have our weird interests in life, and I’m of course no different. Over the years I’ve noticed there is one place in the world where when I see an article or a news story about it, I stop whatever I am doing to absorb it. It’s not one of the countries I lived in, or even one of the countries I dream of living in. No, it’s a place that both baffles and horrifies: North Korea. For whatever reason, I’m obsessed with reading and learning about North Korea. To the point where I once researched if it would be possible for me to get an advanced degree studying the hermit kingdom.

And so over the years, I’ve learned a lot about the country. I’ve watched the Vice episode and many more shows about the country. I read with fascination reports about a fire in the ever popular Koryo hotel, and wondered if that meant North Korea would at last have to open the (in)famous Ryugyong hotel, a 105 story hotel in the center of Pyongyang, that’s been under construction since 1987. Nope, that’s not a typo. Article headlines like “Did North Korea Kidnap an American Hiker in China” grab your attention. The fake Twitter accounts KimJongNumberUn and DPRK_News are both amusing and, if you follow North Korea enough, deceptive enough to almost seem like something North Korea would really publish.

And so one can’t help but be fascinated by this country. How does it function? What is life like in it? And of course, one way to get some glimpse into those answers is through books. So what are my five favorite books about North Korea?  Continue reading

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The Future of Airline Cabins, Craft Beer in Tijuana, and the Death of Summer Vacation. What We Are Reading This Week

From time to time, we find articles and stories too good to pass up. And this week is no different. Craft beer in TJ, the death of summer vacation for Americans, a glimpse into the future of flying, and a horrifying graphic that begs an important question for world soccer: How many poor migrants must die in order for Qatar to construct stadiums to host the World Cup?  Continue reading

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First Friday: Earn 3x a Dollar Today Dining Out.

Debating whether to dine out tonight or not? Well, if you’re like us and you don’t want to cook, you don’t want to clean dishes, and you do want to earn BONUS points on your meal out, today is the best day of the month to splurge. Why? Because if you have the right credit card, you earn more for your spend! Continue reading

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Starwood American Express Changes- Is It Still One of Our Favorite Cards?

American Express is making some big changes. Fresh off losing Jet Blue and Costco as co-branding partners, it looks like they’re trying to make their cards more attractive to more consumers. And with the changes recently announced, it sure looks like they’re at the very least turning heads. But we’ll leave it to you decide of the changes are good or bad. So should you get the Starwood Amex? We have a few thoughts on that.

But first, a big congrats to the two winners for our contest where we gave away two subscriptions to AFAR Magazine, our favorite travel magazine. So congrats to: Continue reading

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