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Month: January 2015

Be Careful Where You Put Your Phone and iPad on American Airlines A321

For the most part, I like the American Airlines A321. It’s a pretty cool plane. If you’re lucky enough to snag an upgrade or award seat to find yourself in business or first class for the long haul flight, you’re pretty damn lucky. Free alcohol.

Win List American Airlines A321

Then there’s the subpar food but hey, at least it’s FREE subpar food!

American Airlines Breakfast A321 LAX JFK

You have a HUGE 15 inch monitor to enjoy a ton of movies and TV shows. Oh yeah, and your seat turns into a skybed, my favorite reason to ever fly in business or first class and something that until recently, wasn’t really much of a thing for any sort of domestic flight.

Those are my legs, stretched out under the TV in front of me. Life is good in business class.

Those are my legs, stretched out under the TV in front of me. Life is good in business class.

But the plane, as I found last week, has it’s drawbacks. The economy is subpar, and not just because they offer little to no free programming on the TVs they placed in their seats. I mean really, $6-$8 for a movie, and the only free programming is that stupid NBC Universal loop.

Economy A321

American, catch up to Delta (hard words to utter) and offer more free programming. But the biggest reason I’m no fan of the A321 is this: In the course of two flights, I lost my iPad and almost lost my iPhone. But is this really the fault of the plane? As is often the case in life, yes and no.  Continue reading

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My Visit to the Emergency Room in El Salvador- A Moment of Vulnerability and Gratitude

“If anyone asks, you’re my cousin.” Up until then, I was trying to play it cool. Yes, I felt like my lungs were closing up on me, my breath labored and in shorter supply. “This is what asthma feels like” I try and joke to myself. But my joke falls as flat as the limited air in my chest, and I’m caught up in fear and uncertainty. I haven’t felt like this since I was a teenager. What happens if I have an asthma attack abroad? I was leading a delegation from the university I work at, and so I kept thinking about the group of people under my care, going through the most emotional day of our week long journey, and how can I care for them sitting in an emergency room?  who has been through much worse I tried to tell myself, I can’t let this stop me now! As we walk into the hospital, Elba, my friend and contact at the nonprofit we work with in El Salvador, is the essence of the calm I seek to project. She calls over a doctor and then calmly whispers to me, “if anyone asks, you’re my cousin. Otherwise, they won’t let me stay with you and there’s no way in hell I am leaving you.” Before a doctor even approaches, I breathe a little easier.

I was none too happy with the idea I had to be pushed around in a wheelchair when they moved me around the hospital.

Being pushed around in a wheelchair in an ER in a foreign country- not my finest or happiest moment.

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Deal Alert: How to get a Fitbit Charge for $100 in January (Retail: $129.95)

Our friends who are travel obsessed also seem to be obsessed with Fitbit. Back before a recall, I had a Fitbit and was a pretty big fan. I am a sucker for gamification, and so would often walk up and down the hallway late at night just to hit that stupid 10,000 step milestone everyday.  Then Fitbit recalled the device I was using, and I forgot all about my 10,000 steps, silent alarm clock (truly awesome to not wake up to noise) and more.

Well Fitbit has rolled out some new devices. If you had a Fitbit and returned it, they probably tried to lure you into buying the device direct from their website, enticing you to click with a 15% discount for customers who had a device they returned with the recall. And tempting as that may be, we’ve got some good news: If you’re in the market to buy a Fitbit before January 29, 2015, we’re able to get you a better deal. Get a Fitbit Charge for $100. No joke, it’s possible!  Continue reading

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$99 Wow Air fares from East Coast to Iceland, UK, and More!

I’ve always wanted to REALLY see the Northern Lights. I’ve flown by them on flights and glimpsed them out the window, and wanted nothing more than to sit with them, really sit with them and take them in.

There’s a low cost no frills airline that’s making them possible now more than ever. Want to get to someplace like Iceland or the UK for $99 each way from cities like Boston and Baltimore. Hard to believe, but here’s the truth: It’s possible!  Continue reading

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T-Mobile Contest Winners Announced AND New Contests Coming Soon

Hello Everyone,

What a week. A visit to the ER in a foreign country. Flight delays of an epic nature. The last few days have been the shadow side of travel. But they’re done, I’m home (with most my blood and wits) and now getting caught up on the blog.

We had a contest on the blog thanks to T-Mobile, and we’ve got our winners. Were you one of them?

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T-Mobile Review: Using T-Mobile Abroad

Note: T-Mobile did provide us compensation and prizes to write this blog, but the thoughts and opinions here are our own.

We’ll admit it, we love our wireless carrier. Wait, say what? You heard us: We love our cell phone provider. Can you hear me now? Our cell phone provider gives us free streaming music. They give us free texting when on planes with Gogo Wifi! And they rollover unused data from the month prior. But best of all for us, our phone goes where we go, with no roaming for texting or data in 120 some countries. And, you’re about to love T-Mobile too. We’ve been working with their PR team to hook Two to Travel and Tango readers up with some great swag, compliments of T-Mobile! Want to win a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, a portable power bank, or some of the sweetest headphones we’ve seen yet? Read on for how to win!  Continue reading

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8 Podcasts To Listen to While You Travel!

First, an update: We’ve got a couple great giveaways coming up on Thursday so make sure to swing back by the blog and check it out. Now, onto the blog post for today!

The podcast was kind of dead, to me at least. I had a shameful “ah-ha” moment when I realized the podcast I was listening to the most had an overwhelming amount of ads trying to convince me to take viagra. When you learn a thing or two about marketing, you realize that consistent messaging about viagra is probably a good indicator that the target demographic for said podcast isn’t you but a version of you 50 years older.

And then Serial came along. And it upended everything. And obviously I am not alone on this, as Serial became the most downloaded podcast EVER in no time. And now that season one is over, among the questions of “is he guilty or not?” and “oh man, did you see the SNL and Funny or Die spoofs?”

another questions comes to the forefront: Now what do I listen to? Serial was a boost of adrenaline to the podcast community, and just because it’s over, doesn’t mean your exploration of podcasts should be over. I’ve spent close to 75 hours on planes in the last 5 weeks, and podcasts are a big way I’ve gotten through that hectic travel. So what should you download right away? I’m glad you asked!
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