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New WestJet Christmas Video Will Make You Cry (and their old hits to shed a tear to as well!)

We’ve never flown WestJet. But we sure like the way they are not only winning on social media, but really leveraging their power as a company to make a positive impact in the lives of the communities they serve. So here are three videos that highlight why we’re such big fans of WestJet Airlines. Be warned, smiles, tears, and a whole range of emotion await you!  Continue reading

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5 Tips on How to Prioritize Travel

Too many people say they love travel for us to suck so badly at it as a nation. I’m tired of hearing friends talk about one day vacations to Vegas or how happy they are to sneak away from the office for a week, a whole damn week!

Too often now, I find myself in conversations with 9 to 5ers with wanderlust. “Man, I sure wish I could travel like you” and they swirl their glass of whisky, or stare longingly into their pint of beer. Not lost in their silence is the day dreaming about a world that isn’t endless emails, responding to trivial requests from bosses, and so forth. And I’ve learned to constantly analyze and capture one moment, fleeting though it may be, when I respond quite simply and matter of factly: “You can. You just choose not to.”  Continue reading

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