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Lessons Learned From Travel in 2014

Jetlag, again. If there are a ton of typos in this post, I’ll blame it on a combo of jetlag, and writing this post back and forth between my iPhone and iPad. I am sitting in my father’s kitchen at 4 am, reflecting on the year that was. I can’t lie, I’m a sucker for these sorts of moments in life, and so while I consider New Year’s Eve the most overrated holiday, I do fancy the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the year. In this case, there’s a lot to reflect on, and a lot to hope for in 2015. So let’s look back: how many countries did we visit, how many miles did we fly, and most important of all, what life lessons did we all learn from our travels this year?

The number of miles flown this year was absurd when you consider travel blogging isn’t exactly a full time gig for us. In a little more than 5 weeks, Laura and I have circled the globe. Twice. So how many miles does that add up to? Continue reading

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Happy Holidays From South Africa

We’re on a safari right now. Any married couple knows well the dilemma of who to visit and when for the holidays. And so imagine this: Between Laura and I, our immediate family is spread out across 7 different cities. Planning holidays, we’re beginning to see, will be a logistical nightmare. And so when we agreed to spend Christmas with Laura’s parents last year, we envisioned a snowy Christmas in Boston. But then her parents moved to Rwanda, and somehow South Africa became the obvious meeting point. Continue reading

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Calling All Teachers and Students Who Like to Travel (Student and Teacher Travel Grants)

Are you a teacher or a student? Check. Have an itch to travel to parts of the world that are hard to get to? Check. Want to do it for free? Check. Then we’ve got two opportunities you’ve got to check out!  Continue reading

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Staying at a Hyatt Soon? Read This ASAP

It’s no secret Laura and I are pretty big Hyatt fans. Laura does a lot of group meeting work with them and is always impressed with their level of service, and lately we redeemed points and had a great (and ever so luxurious) time at The Park Hyatt Tokyo and the Andaz in Tokyo.

IMG_0210-0.JPG The swimming pool in the Park Hyatt Tokyo that might look familiar from the film Lost in Translation

And here in South Africa, we’re paying them a visit as the Hyatt in the greater Joburg area has to be one of the best points redemption values out there.

And if you happen to be staying at a Hyatt this weekend, listen up. Even if you’re not, but you have a stay booked soon- you need to read about this great promo Hyatt is running that could result in anything from a free drink coupon to a suite upgrade on your room and more! Continue reading

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A Visual Argument For Visiting Tokyo in The Fall: Tokyo Foliage

We love Tokyo. When we think Tokyo, we think the flashy lights, the big buildings, the hidden ramen and sushi joints in basements of department stores, the people with their eyes glued to their phones everywhere you turn. OK, maybe we romanticize everything but that last part with the phones. But here’s the deal: Tokyo is a big city full of stimulation. And yet, visiting in November, we came away appreciating a different Tokyo: A beautiful and serene Tokyo. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of these relaxing photos:

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a beautiful weekday escape from the Tokyo chaos. Weekends we’re told is a different story.


Continue reading

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Announcing Our Manhattan Hotel Giveaway Winner

We’re getting this post out about 24 hours later than we intended. Right after we launched our giveaway, we hopped on a 15 hour flight to Hong Kong. And when we landed, we promised ourselves one of the first things we’d do is wrap up the contest. But then, the view from our room at the Intercontinental Hong Kong just sucked us in, and alas, it took us a bit longer to get back to work.


But we are happy to announce we have a winner!

Continue reading

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Friday Giveaway: Free 2 Night Stay at a Boutique Hotel in Manhattan

What a 24 hours we’re in for. First things first, we’ve got a big give away,our biggest (read: first) yet! If you want two nights for free at a boutique hotel in Manhattan, read on! Continue reading

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REI Co-Op Jacket Review

Full disclosure: REI provided two jackets for us to complete this REI Co-Op Jacket Review. 

In Southern California, we just don’t do winter weather. It’s pouring rain outside as I write my first draft of this, and navigating the streets of LA during a rainstorm you’d think we got Buffalo proportions of snow or something. And so as Laura and I prepared for a recent whirlwind around the world trip that included, amongst many great things, freezing cold weather with wind, rain, and a possibility of snow, we were at a loss. I must have stood in front of our “coat closet” for a good five minutes hoping I could will one of my hoodies or windbreakers into a legitimate winter coat, but alas no such luck.

A few hours later, I’d exhausted my search online as well as at a few department stores, faced with an even more troubling dilemma: We wanted to have our cake and eat it too. Here’s what I wanted in a winter jacket:


1. Weather resistant. No wind nor water falling from the sky should impede upon my travels.

2. Stylish yet functional. I want to wear it in a variety of settings, from trekking to dinner.

3. Affordable. Turns out this winter weather gear can cost A LOT of money.

4. Heavy on the warmth, lightweight on the baggage. Laura and I pride ourselves on flying carry on, ALL THE TIME. So I wanted a jacket warm enough for temps in the low 30’s, and yet one that could be packed quickly and easily when hopping on a plane.

I called a friend from this mythical land called the east coast, and he laughed. “Dude, you’ve got to sacrifice somewhere, you won’t be able to find all of that, at least not for under $200.”

But he was wrong, as wrong as I was warm in the jackets we chose. Want to learn how to travel in style, do it affordably, and do it in a jacket as light as the snow that falls around you?  Continue reading

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Stories of Immigration: Friendship Park in Playas de Tijuana

Note: This post was written for and originally appeared on The Huffington Post in April of 2013. But as the debate on immigration reform and executive action on immigration grows, I am reminded that it was through my frequent travel to the border region of Tijuana that I came to see this as more than an issue, but rather as human faces of immigration with stories and families that matter more than any political soundbite ever could. This is my opinion on how our hearts can transform our minds, if we’re brave enough to listen.

Social justice is human justice. So often in the midst of the rhetoric, the political debates, and the 30 second news clips of stats and figures we lose sight of what it is we are fighting for: real people. On Sunday, I stood along the border of Tijuana and San Diego, as a door was opened in the fence between Mexico and the United States, where bystanders were privileged to witness the reality of this driven home in the simple embrace between a man, and the five year old daughter he was able to hold and hug for the first time ever.
Continue reading

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British Airways Holiday Sale- Free Hotel in Europe With Your Flight

In 2012, we traveled to Israel and Jordan. Along the way, we managed to make a stopover in the European country I was most excited to finally visit: Spain. Not only did the tickets somehow come out to be cheaper once we added the stopover, British Airways also had a special sale going where we got two free nights in Madrid, which helped us avoid getting gouged. It also didn’t hurt that some of our best European flight experiences have been on British Airways, and that BA is part of OneWorld meaning as AAdvantage Platinum members, we earn AA miles with BA.

This guy in Madrid wasn’t able to avoid gouging however.

It was a little less than 72 hours of museums, museums, museums for us. Laura enjoyed the Reina Sofia, I enjoyed the Real Madrid stadium (technically listed as a museum on our museum card, making me sound much more sophisticated).

Closest I’ll ever get to center pitch seats in my life

British Airways is at it again, with the “British Airways Holiday Sale” offering two nights free stay if you book a transatlantic flight with them. But like all good deals, this one is both limited and set to expire. If you’re interested in exploring cities like Rome, London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona, Dublin, Edinburgh or Manchester, and you want two free nights, pay close attention: We’re about to tell you how to get them.  Continue reading

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