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Month: November 2014

5 Reasons to Give Thanks as a Traveler on Thanksgiving

Jet-lagged in Tokyo. I also think I am in the beginning stages of being sick. I suppose it’s inevitable. On Saturday we were in Rome. On Sunday Budapest. Tuesday found us in Amsterdam swinging toward Tokyo. Huh? It’s a long story, but the punchline is this: Our tickets cost under $300, and so here we are, quite literally jetting across the world in ten days.

I’m jet-lagged, I’m disoriented, and yet I am so thankful. On one hand because when I decided to finally throw in the towel, give jet-lag the win, and crawl out of bed at 4 am- this is the view I was greeted with. Repeat after me: Points and miles matter. That’s how Laura and I are perched on the 47th floor of one of the most prestigious hotels in the world (a room is usually upwards of $700 a night) for free.


If you’re a traveler, you have so much for which you can easily give thanks today on Thanksgiving. I think the beauty of travel is that, while the themes are the same, the experiences are so unique. So here are a few of the many reasons we have to give thanks as a traveler today, what else would you add?

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List of Gift Cards to Buy With Chase Ink

So you pulled the trigger. You spoke with Chase about your booming business, even if it’s just hawking items on Ebay. And what do you know, they’ve approved you for a Chase Ink, our favorite credit card for small businesses (including this lovely blog). You’re now working on hitting your minimum spend to get those bonus 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points, and if you’re smart, you’ve increased your shopping at office supply stores like Staples or Office Depot. Why? The Chase Ink provides a whopping 5 points per dollar not only on your cell phone, land line, internet and cable TV bills, but also on any purchases made in office supply stores. And here’s a crazy little secret: There’s way more that can be bought in office supply stores than you EVER imagined… Continue reading

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Holiday Gift Guide For Travel: What to Buy the Travel Nerd in Your Life

We like to travel, like, a lot. By now, we hope you’ve caught on to that. But because we travel so much, we also have become particular about how we like to travel. It’s not just about scoring points and miles for free and better travel experiences. It’s also about figuring out what the essentials are when we travel, and what gadgets and gear will make our lives easier when on the road. The holidays around the corner, and one of two things are for certain: Either you’ve got a traveler in your life who deserves a special gift or two (or three), OR you deserve to award yourself with some of the travel items we consider must have’s! So check out our must have Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers…

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Passenger Shaming, Singapore Airlines First Class Suite, and a Crazy Invention Called the Quiet Bubble

From time to time, we love to share what’s come across our radar. Usually it’s hot stories of the week, or sometimes like this, it’s a drafted post that never got published (but in this case, still worth your time). Sometimes it’s enjoyable, often times it’s a #WTF story, and sometimes it’s just the type of whacky story worth sharing over coffee or near the water cooler (if anyone still has conversations around the water cooler anymore). So what epic stories landed on our radar last month: Airplane seats that work like noise canceling headphones, documenting the most shameful passengers actions, and the most amusing trip report we’ve ever read (spoiler: It involves flying in a Singapore Airlines first class suite).  Continue reading

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Creative Wedding Ideas: Do a Tour of Your City as Part of Your Wedding

It took us a long time to get to this:

Laura being walked down the aisle by her mom and dad for our wedding at Sacred Heart Chapel at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Photo credit: Stacee Lianna.

Make no mistake, the 4-5 years we dated was considered a long time by most if not all of our friends and family. I’m pretty sure if faces spoke words those of my mother- and father-in-law would be straight to the point of what they were thinking all along: About damn time this is happening.

And like most couples, we planned our entire wedding–expensive wedding planners be damned! We made a few assumptions, some of them smart, some not so bright.

First and foremost, if 9 months is long enough to make a baby, it’s long enough to plan a wedding. To hell with a longer engagement period.

Next, a good friend of mine helped us keep focus on what matters most. “The wedding is all about her, the reception all about your guests”  Another cardinal rule of wedding planning worked brilliantly for us: Have a great DJ and a lot of alcohol, something to eat, and the rest will work itself out.

And our final assumption turned out to be the one most often discussed by almost all of our participants: People really hate LA. And equally important to this assumption: We really love it. What’s more, we wanted our friends and family, loved ones who have avoided the city like the plague to get a glimpse of why we love it so much. But how would we do that when most, if not all the guests were arriving for one brief weekend to celebrate with us? Simple, we’d have a wedding and we’d have a reception, but for the hours in between both, we’d plan a tour of the most epic proportions. Touch football in the world-famous Coliseum anyone?

My groomsmen learning that their long-held belief they could be an NFL kicker one day was in fact false. Photo credit: Stacee Lianna.

Want to know how we pulled it off? And how you can too?  Continue reading

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Welcome to New Readers From Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity

Today is a special day for our blog. Laura and I are featured on the popular travel website The Art of Non-Conformity. Much of our inspiration to start this blog came from Chris Guillebeau, a New York Times best selling author who aside from running an awesome blog and awesome conference called World Domination Summit has visited every country in the world! If you didn’t get a chance to read the profile- check it out!

I’d wanted to start a travel blog for sometime. A few years really. I pondered what it would be like to explore writing, to take the growing knowledge I had about travel and share it somewhere other than happy hour conversations with friends. But I never got around to it. To be honest, I actively blocked myself from imagining success, always reminding myself how busy I was and how complicated it would truly be to follow this intense passion. I got close to finally following my dreams, but planning our wedding (a travel fiesta itself) distracted me, and once again, I left one of my biggest dreams stay on the shelf.

We decided to do a tour of Los Angeles for our out of town wedding guests, which, among other things, included a game of touch football at the home of the USC Trojans!

I don’t believe things always just change on a dime. I think change is often a slow and deliberate process, punctuated by a defining moment that was hours, days, months, maybe years in the making. And this is no different. I was itching to do something new in my life at the time I got a copy of The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Gullibeau. One day later we were jetting off to New Zealand for our honeymoon. As it turns out, the flight to New Zealand is pretty damn long, so I had A LOT of time to read. Each page I read, I also discovered I had a lot of time for something else: Getting restless. Oh, and drink a lot of champagne- Thanks awesome Qantas flight attendants!

When the flight attendants found out we were celebrating our honeymoon, they went beyond the free pajamas and hooked us up with a bottle of champagne!

Have you ever had that little voice that beckons the best of you turn into an unavoidable and confident shout? For days on our honeymoon, my mind in moments of quiet would drift to what Chris was inspiring me to do. I was 30 years old, and I was tired of half ass pursuits of my passions. It became apparent: It was time to start a travel blog, plain and simple.

Sure, most people dream of things bigger than a blog I suppose. But this is my dream, and I’d dodged it for too long.  But a 12 mile hike to a volcano gave Laura and I enough time to realize it was time to act, fear of failure be damned.

Before my feet hated me for a 12 mile hike, when I had trained for all of about 1 mile.

The result is this blog you’ve stumbled upon. Like us, it’s far from perfect. But it’s full of energy, random thoughts with the occasional really brilliant one, and a curse word or two laced here and there because, well, I’ve got a fucking potty mouth.

And we’re so glad you’ve joined us. We hope you’ll stay with us,click the button to get emailed whenever we post, and join the conversation with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Or if ease is the name of your game, just enter your email here: 

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And while you’re here, check out a few of our most popular posts and come back November 12th as we release our guide on how to plan a city tour for your wedding. Trust us, it wows the hell out of your guests. But what do we have out already that’s worth glancing at?

A Millennial Travel ManifestoLove. Love with incredible foolishness. I’m not just talking about a partner, though that’s great too. I’m talking about life. Assume the best in people. The goodness, that is to say the light in this world, is so much stronger than the darkness. Walk into each day with optimism. Believe in the best of people and have patience when people stumble toward your expectations.

A Guide to Social Justice Eating in Los Angeles. Want good food for a good cause? We’ve got your definitive LA guide, from the airport to hidden hole in the wall joints near downtown Los Angeles.

Wedding Tips and Tricks Part One and then Part Two Our Guide to the Best Millennial Honeymoon Destinations!  From lazy beach days to grand adventure to the opportunities in your backyard, we’ve got your honeymoon possibilities covered, but only after you read our tips and tricks to save money and earn miles on your wedding planning!

21 Inspiring Travel Quotes to Make You Want to Travel Now. A few of the usual suspects, but many I’d bet money most of you have never seen before!

Because 31 is the New 21: A Traveler Reflects on 31.Travel, I have come to discover, is more a state of mind than a process. If we approach each day with the curiosity of a traveler lost amidst a maze of new streets, greet each person with the wonder and awe we have when meeting someone from a new place, we create an environment where the light chases out the darkness. Isn’t that why we travel?  

Thanks again for joining us. If you landed here, no doubt you’re already a fan of the great work Chris has done with his blog and books like The $100 Startup or The Happiness of Pursuit. But if you’re not reading the blog, and haven’t checked out the books- I encourage you to do so. You never know, they might just inspire you to follow those dreams that you’ve allowed to lay dormant for so long now.

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Knott’s Berry Farm Guide and Review

There are certain things you learn about your partner when you get married or move in with one another. For example, I learned that Laura does not agree with my long-held belief that the entire bedroom, living room, and bathroom are open space for tossing a pair of pants, a t-shirt, what have you. Turns out she thinks the closets or dressers are the only acceptable place for clothing. Laura taught me that no shower drain is a match for her incredible ability to clog it each and every time she washes her hair. I think there is sometimes more leftover hair in the shower when she is done with it then there remains on my slowly balding head.

But some things take more time to learn, and are often learned at the most inopportune of moments. For example while Laura could ascertain that I am something of a thrill ride and amusement park junkie, I was unable to discover she did not hold the same excitement for aggressive roller coasters until we were locked firmly into the Ghost Rider roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. As the cart rumbled off at the start, I caught her praying, trembling, and perhaps throwing a curse word or two attached to my name into the empty air.

A few drops, twists, turns, screams, and belligerent words later, we arrived safely back into the station and I realized my dream of 40 roller coaster rides in one frantic day at Knott’s may not work out. Lesson learned: When I want to go to a new amusement park, find a friend or fly my dad in (after all, he passed on this obsession for roller coasters to me in the first place).

But this blog is less about the joys of lessons learned after one year of marriage and more about what matters most to you: Should you even visit Knott’s Berry Farm? Knotts Berry Farms Wagon

I think the answer is a resounding yes, and I’ll tell you why!

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Earn 4,000 United Miles with Softcard, Talking Social Justice with High School Students, the Perfect Travel Shoe, and More!

It’s been a hectic week in the Furlong household. Between now and the end of the month, between the two of us we have trips to Tijuana, San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Rome, Budapest, and Tokyo. Needless to say, fun times await!

But this week is the calming before the storm, and boy have we found some good reading material to cozy up with. What’s going on in travel you ask? Well, for starters:

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Keep Your Head Up When Running

Getting back into shape sucks. Running has always come easy, until it no longer did. I suppose that’s just how life works. But I’ve been hanging my head low, literally and figuratively, as I trudge through the process of trying to become a runner again.

Saturday was no different. I fought off legs that moved like cinderblocks, lungs that were reminded of how shitty asthma can be, and a morale more broken than the pavement I pounded away on. My head hung low, I didn’t even try and enjoy my run but rather thought in simple terms of “enduring the time remaining” to reach what felt like an elusive goal. And so my view, and my mentality, was anything but inspiring.

Is this really the best running view in Los Angeles? I don't think so.

Is this really the best running view in Los Angeles? I don’t think so.

And then about a mile and a half in to the run, I picked my head up. Instantly, the perspective changed. Continue reading

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